What else do you want to get involved with at UWCSEA?


What service program will you join? Why?


No. Um… Tech Tinkerers. Because I was convinced to join and promised fun and enjoyment.

What is like to be at UWCSEA


Describe your Singapore experience

I have live in Hong Kong my whole life so moving to Singapore almost felt natural. The similarities between the 2 cities are very small and slight. Mainly stemming from the independence in governing power and how the government operates.

Singapore is still a very small developed nation and the infrastructure that is often attributed to developed nations is very much under construction. Compared to Hong Kong which has an intricate and tall skyline, Singapore’s is quite plain, simple and uninteresting (when viewed from Marina Bay sans the only good and beautiful building).

The laws are interesting and I am very much enjoying the illicit nature of bubble gum and chewing gum. I have personally never participated in such despicable acts and am very glad I can sit on benches and tables without worry of touching someone else’s gum or going for a walk and finding some on the bottom of my show.

The public transport is also very good, although Hong Kong’s feels more streamlined and developed. This may not be the case in less developed and upper class areas so I can’t make a fair assessment, but Singapore’s system seems to do its job for the however many people who live and work here.

Overall my experience so far has been very positive and I look forward to the next 3 years here.

New School Year Post

1.Things that are significant this week – and why?

2.This year -> What seem to be potential highlights + why?

-> Potential obstacles + why?

1.Meeting all the FIB students, meeting IGCSE students, meeting teachers.

People I should know and will be with until the end of my UWCSEA journey, but maybe beyond.

2.My class has a variety of people and the teachers are engaged and interesting.

So that I can learn to work with different people and conversations are engaging and thought provoking. So that I can learn optimaly and am able to get extra support when needed or be extended when the opportunitiy occurs, they also are able to be flexible and deal with a variety of scenarios.

No IGCSE students in core subjects and only same class for majority of classes

Don’t get to meet and learn about many people and only form small groups of friends or remain alone if I don’t enjoy the company of the people.