Women over time adverts

What values/stereotypes/attitudes are being conveyed?

The most apparent change between the adverts is the nature of how women are portrayed, in the first advert, there is no sexualization of how the model is portrayed, whereas in the second advert the woman is much more exposed in terms of what she is wearing. Secondly, both advertisements are consumables that are meant to help women look better, what is unique is one makes it very apparent about what it advertises whereas the other has much more ambiguity about what it promotes and takes much longer to realize what it advertises. Which suggests most people would end up staring at it much longer.

– Sterotypes

  • Women must look like that for an ideal “beach body’
  • All women must want to look younger

How are the adverts similar/different in conveying this message?

The biggest difference is the use of color and text, the older adverts are very animated vs the modern ad which is much more eye-popping due to the color. Both are western-centric as both women are light-skinned and appeal to “traditional versions of beauty”.

How do they provoke thinking about global issues?

In my opinion, I don’t think they do, but what may be raised as an issue is the pressure society puts on women to have to look attractive by comparing themselves to these versions of “ideal” body types. This may branch out to other issues such as effects of societal pressures on mental health, etc.

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