Hello, welcome to my portfolio! My name is Richard Chen, and I’m from Taichung, Taiwan. I am currently studying at UWCSEA East in Singapore as a junior (class of 2021) and is particularly interested in STEM or anything related to Design & Technology: physics, CAD, design, sketching, and model making. My goal is to obtain a career in either Product Design Engineering (BSc) or Architecture/Civil Engineering. Besides academics, I also do badminton,  martial arts, and photography. Nonetheless, I love being a friendship seeker and boarding student, and I cherish the opportunity to be able to study as an international student in a diverse community like UWCSEA.



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Boarding House Experience 2017-2019  

To study in an international school as a border is an experience of a lifetime. This opportunity not only allowed me to acquire many essential skills, from self-discipline to socializing but also how to embrace stressful situations and solve problems independently. There were many challenges as a boarder, but this lovely community accompanied and supported me throughout, and I am very grateful for all the love, care, and lessons from the people. Last but not least, I was also able to befriend with many talented individuals, learning each of their cultures and sharing memorable times with them. Thus, I adapted to the multi-cultural environment in UWCSEA in less than a year, which is unlikely if I was a day student. And despite not being a boarder anymore, the people in the Tampines House still always welcomed me like family.

Tampines House

Bintan Trip 2019

2018 G10 Corridor

Artwork & Projects

I was able to experience the satisfaction and fun of hand-making and designing when I first started playing lego at the age of 6. As time passed, I moved onto more challenging hobbies, for example, modelling (Tamiya scaled models) and sketching, and enrolled in a robotics team competition (First Lego League Australia Open 2016). Since then, I’ve been spending my free time on similar projects. This ultimately leads to my current interests in the STEM field and my dream of pursuing an engineering career. Now, with all the resources provided by the school’s DT lab, I can finally further deepen my skills and explore further into this area of knowledge.

Soviet T-34-85 & Tiran 5 Assualt Tank

G10 IGCSE Final Project – Indoor Vertical Hydroponics System

G11 Unit 2 Project – Upcycled Furniture Stool


Member of Zero Waste Service (Green Fingers) since 2017. Currently enrolled as secretary and takes roles in creativity and media recording/digital portfolio editing. Events attended: Family Festival, Swimdonesia, and other smaller GC events. Will be attending this year: Pasir Ris Fair, Sunday Recycling & Kahaani.

2018 Family Festival

2019 Swimdonesia


Martial Arts

Member of Budokan Karate-Do Club Kyokushinkaikan since September 2017. Current belt level: Blue-black. Has enrolled in 2019 Singapore/Malaysia Budokan Kyokushinkaikan Breaking Championship & 4th place in U16 male.

Go Kart Project

As engineering and automotive enthusiasts, two friends of mine, Akshat Bisht and Dhevin Nandyala, and I, decided to initiate a go-kart project of our own. The intention of this project is not only for us to accomplish our CAS hours, but also to understand the fundamentals of an engine system. We also wanted to pick up more advanced skills that are unlikely to be taught in school (e.g. welding & metalwork) and work as a team with a higher level of independence.

Outdoor Education & Travels

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