Hougang final reflection

I think this service has been quite an interesting and fun experience for both me and the clients I worked with. I think I have also built quite a good connection with them, as when they came to the service they were always happy and excited to play drums and do things, which made me happy as well. I think I learned that commitment and time really do pay off into benefiting both parties and I realised how other people’s joy brings happiness to me as well.

Floor ball initial reflection

This season I have signed up for floor ball, mainly because almost all of my friends signed up for it. I have some experience with floor ball, if I recall correctly maybe around 2 years ago in grade 9 for a brief time. From the first session of playing I realised there is still room for improvement. I am a bit aggressive  and a burn out quick, so I will have to work on my energy conservation and shorter, quicker moves. Teamwork will be improved with time.

DJ club reflection #2

Dj club is activity I enjoy quite a lot. It has been 3 months since I started the activity, and I think I have learned quite a lot of new tricks. I am not particularly confident in using some of the most complex techniques yet, but I am experimenting to find my personal style. I also realised that you need to have a good sense in terms of knowing how to mix different songs and different genres. I found that deep house has the most freedom in mixing and it’s the easiest to mix. Genres that are slower tend to be harder to mix. I believe I have made a good progress and I am looking forward to improving my confidence with complex techniques.

Project week reflection #2

We have made a drastic change in our itinerary. We have changed from elephant nature park to a Thai cooking class, as elephant didn’t really count towards service, and we were no longer interested in doing it. We have booked everything and at this stage we are just finalising our itinerary, making it more detailed.

Project week has been quite rocky, there were many miscommunications at the beginning, but we still finished the planning, which I can call a success. The most important part is to reach to end, and journey have taught me and my team, that we need more coordination.

EE day reflection

This day I believe I have made a decent progress, writing my introduction, around 500 words.

What I have learned today: after conducting research on the history of water bottles, I have learned how the designs evolved, dating all the way back to 4000 BC.

I am proud that I have finished the introduction, and have written the maximum to my ability, granted that I don’t have the test products right now.

Going forward, when I receive my products I am going to test them for a variety of characteristics, and I do believe I have quite a clear plan of actions that I am going to take, as well what I am going to write. Before the 1000 word submission deadline I will polish my introduction, write my testing strategy and the reasons I am testing the bottles for these specific parameters.

Project week

At this point in time we are almost done with the entire planning process. We are a bit behind on handing out the forms, as we had some complications along the way in finding a suitable hotel. I do however think that PW being such an ambitious trip to plan, we have done a decent job. We aren’t involved in any service, besides just paying a visit to elephant nature park and perhaps bringing a donation along with us.



Digital art reflection 29/4/19

In this session I have learned how to mask tool, which really gave me new ideas and a piece of mind in digital art. With each session I am starting to enjoy digital art more and more, even though initially I was a strong believer in physical art. With new skills I have tried to draw a bonsai tree, which also made me realise how much more difficult it is to draw needles opposed to leaves, due to the shear number of them. That is probably solvable with another tool, which I haven’t learned yet, that I hope to learn in the future.

EE Initial reflection

I was always quite fascinated by the variety of water bottles on the market and was wondering about different designs’ advantages. From my personal observation, I see many people use ergonomic sport bottles, and I was wondering whether that was because of price or other factors. Initially I was concerned that I would not be able to write extensively about this investigation, however after the first meeting with my supervisor, I have got quite a good idea of what to write about. My supervisor helped me come up with a detailed plan for the essay, which majorly reassured me in my ability to write about this investigation in detail. We narrowed it down to analysing 3 to 4 bottles in detail and then working on personal design which would help me achieve the desired level of detail with no problem. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of tests I could perform on the bottles.

Hougang Drumming 26/02/19

This session was quite different and fresh for our group, as we had other instruments to play with besides the drums. I think this session was even better, as I think the clients were interested in trying out new things and it made activities more engaging and fun. There was more variety to the sounds and the dynamic of this session was very good. I believe bringing variety to the table definitely had a positive impact on the wellbeing of our clients, which is our ultimate goal.