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Service reflection #2: Swimming with Hougang Center

Its been a couple months since we have started the activity side of our service and I have planned 3 sessions so far. As our service consists of swimming with Hougang centre, I have planned multiple water activities for our clients to partake in. Examples being water polo, tag and other ball related activities. However, these activities never went to plan in any of my sessions as there would always be people who didn’t want to join in the activities, forcing me to find other ways to get everyone involved. This provided a challenge for me as I also had very limited resources to work with(paddles and a couple balls), however, forced me to become more of a leader as I had to organise my other peers to do different activities so that each and every client was doing something. Looking back on these sessions, I feel as if that to ensure the next sessions are improved upon and are more efficient, we should be asking the clients what they’d enjoy prior to the session. So that we don’t spend time panicking last second to find what to do.

I feel as if through this service I have learnt to become more of a leader in the sense of taking initiative. As I was forced to lead a session and had to make decisions based on the responses of the clients on the spot. I hope to take these skills I have developed and use them more often in the future.

LO3 Initiative

  • What activities did I plan?
  • What was the outcome of my planning? How do I know?
  • How did my plans change as the activity progressed? Why?
  • What difficulties did I face in executing my plan?
  • How did I overcome these challenges?
  • How did I respond to changes in plans? Would I respond the same way in future? Why/why not?
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