After the period of developing, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases were produced a lot more than before. At this stage, gardening is quite important. Gardening has lots of benefits, not only the environment, but also for health. Gardening can improve the air quality. During the process of photosynthesis, the carbon dioxide that people produces or exhales out will be changed into fresh and clean oxygen. People can feel relax hand full of happiness in the clean air area. At home or work place, if there are plants, they can also metabolise harmful toxins, such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. Removing these harmful toxins, there will be healthier places at home. In Singapore, sometimes there will be air pollutions from other countries. Plants from gardening can clean the air pollutants and dusts. When there are enough plants, the air quality won’t be affected by the pollutions because of plants from gardening. There is a community activity called “Plant A Tree Programme”, which can help plant trees in Singapore.

Gardening can reduce carbon footprint. According to Mr.Suarez, he has a small garden which growing vegetables and fruits. Growing vegetables and fruits in the community or even in your own house can be one of the best choices because you can eat the absolutely fresh food from your own hand and house. There will be less food deliveries from car (reduce the amount of carbon dioxide). Also, you can save money of buying vegetables and fruits.

Gardening can keep you cool because after the trees or other plants growing, they will decrease the temperature. Singapore is a extremely hot place. If there are lots of plants, everyone won’t be feeling that hot outdoor. If there are some plants in your house, you can reduce the usage of air cons or fans because in the room or house, the plants can decrease 10 degrees of the room temp. 

Gardening at home can increase the value of your house. Gardening is kind of the easiest way to increase “Wow Factor which can increase the value.