As more countries get developed, there is a growing number of people travelling by air – approximately more than 6% a year. Even though air travel is crucial for country’s regional and international development (economic development from tourism), it comes at a serious cost to the environment. There are two major ways air travel contributes to the climate change and increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – usage of fossil fuels at high altitude and natural resources to build airports and infrastructures. Additionally, including our methods (mainly taxi) of going to the airport, hotel, and etc., it emits much more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Check this website to find out how much carbon footprint is produced from Singapore to any other countries.

Given that most of the travel destinations are coastal areas, there are some volunteer works that YOU can participate in to neutralize your carbon footprint (from air travel) by enhancing the sustainability of the region you are visiting. Check this website to find out more about beach clean-ups in various countries, including Thailand, India, Indonesia, and China.

If travelling is inevitable, there are still ways to reduce your carbon footprint during/after the flight, hence enhancing your sustainability.

  • Participate in Carbon Offset Programs to neutralize the proportion of an aircraft’s carbon emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects. Check this website to find out more about airlines that offer carbon offset programs.
  • Try to take non-stop flight as taking multiple flights (indirect flight) rather than a single flight means that there is more flight time, eventually resulting in more emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Take airlines that are comparably more sustainable than other airlines, such as Lufthansa, Singapore airline, and etc. These airlines have invested a large amount of money to reduce their carbon footprint, which means that by taking these airlines, you are taking action to reduce your carbon footprint. Check this website to find out more about sustainable airlines so that you can choose airlines that are suitable for you depending on your destination.