Green Balance- Making The World A Better Place

Sustainability and our company

by Chloe, Anda, and Swasthi

Where Are You Now?

My group knew that this would be difficult when we realised that we were assigned to Ms Toms. She’s known for being a very eco-friendly person. However, we were relieved when we were told that our work includes her family as well, because what teenage boy lives a sustainable and eco-friendly life, right? Fortunate for the planet and unfortunately for us, there wasn’t much we could help with it for they were already quite efficient with keeping green. Overall, this was surprisingly difficult. 

Ms Toms Sorts her waste, recycles and walks or cycles nearly everywhere. She rarely goes shopping for clothes and has indoor plants in her home in Singapore. She gives away her old clothes to be recycled and is a vegetarian. She took further steps to keep the school green as well, starting with the library.



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