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Daraja in the Family Festival

The Family Festival logo

The Family Festival is a major event that the school hosts that allows different G.Cs and clubs to show, sell and publicize ideas of the G.C or club and its products.

Daraja participated in this event and sold All its products that were Pieces of jewellery that included Bangles, Necklaces, Headpieces that were all made by Masai girls and the women from Daraja, we sold scarves with tribal patterns, household objects like coasters and many other things, we had a Face-Painting stall where our Daraja boys and girls wholeheartedly took part to paint kids faces with things they love.

The sales and the face paint raised money to give to the Daraja Academy to fund for their Library Initiative, where they build a library for the school and buy books for the girls who are studying there to further educate them on matters not only academical but also every other aspect of learning.

Welcoming Our New Family Members

Our new family members are Ilina and Etsub.

                            They have come from Focus Africa due to its unfortunate dismantling because of very low numbering members. We interviewed them, and they said that they chose Daraja as they love our message of spreading positivity and girl love all across the globe.

They wanted a G.C that was based on Africa and women’s human right of education and freedom. They and I quote wanted something “hands-on” rather than just listening to a bunch of people talking about an issue but not doing anything about it.

They said that they are really passionate about helping out. Ilina says that they were in Focus Africa, it was a focus group and didn’t raise funds, went to the place, or have any charitable activity, so this was new to them and they liked the idea of actively helping out.

Itsub looks forward to helping Kenyan girls, as she says Kenya is Ethiopia’s neighbouring country, where she is from, therefore it hits close to home, and Ilina is looking forward to treating the girls like her sisters and take part in all activities hosted by the G.C.

Ilina has now joined the Advocacy group and looks forward to posting a lot of content and information about Daraja. She has many great ideas and is eager to share all of them with you.

Etsub has joined the Indirect Service group as she loves the idea of hosting events and activities representing Daraja.

Many Thanks and Well Wishes to our new family members, Itsub and Ilina

The four groups of the GC working

                            The Research Team                               The Indirect Team

                          The Direct Team                                      The Advocacy Team

The teams above are working hard on their own individual goals, and together working on a combined goal for the Daraja GC

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