Final EE Reflection (R3)

At the end of my EE writing process, certain considerations came to my mind. The first possible improvement was the sample size of data used, both for Neural Network training and comparing the NN with the algorithm. Using larger data sets might’ve reduced the chances of error lower than I’d predicted, but like all scientific experiments 100% accuracy is never achievable. Secondly, the problem of overtraining the NN as it reacts differently to different types of data sets, showing that the NN might find unintended sarcasm, this is inversely relatable to the algorithm’s ability to detect irony. However, my results answered my research question and gave insight into my original goal to efficiently settle any political debate with the help of computers. My research can help companies wanting to efficiently mine customer trends and have ethical consequences like election vote swinging. My research begged the question “What is privacy today with the widespread use of data mining to mould our every choice?”. Computer science must have ethical considerations, and this has opened a new area of interest for me, I want to conduct further personal research on this and even study it in university.

Outlooks – Success and Happiness Reflection

Has the positivity challenge had an impact? Have you considered different ways to view happiness? Has any of this changed your outlook? Are you still a cynic? Tell us. Remember, journaling about a positive experience can be beneficial, and failing that, having a good moan also feels good! Reading one of the articles below might help you prompt your thinking.


The positivity challenge has had a major impact on my life and taught me how to go about life in a different way. in fact, the positivity challenge has been so helpful that I have spread it to members of my family as well and they have thanked me for introducing it in their lives. I am still cynical because that is how I am and that is what life is at the end of the day, you can’t go against society! One positive experience that I do every night before going to bed is that I think of a positive experience and this positively benefits me.

Yearbook S1 Reflection (Grade 12)


The sign-up was done through the school system while browsing through the system I noticed this wonderful opportunity to design the school yearbook. I always wanted to design the yearbook and wanted to take this small risk and start designing it during my final year.


We planned the schedule of what pieces ro design, I decided to join the senior quotes and a references section in the yearbook which is a very important responsibility> So we had to design the typeset and printing formats as well as superlatives and senior quotes.


Currently, we have decided on the superlative categories after painstaking deliberation. We have also decided on the printing and typesetting formats and colours. We have to now decide on 2 questions to ask every senior and record their answers under their name and picture. Each student will get half a page so we have to decide on what goes on each section. We have to start voting on people for each superlative category and also arrange for photographs with adequate props. Then we have to receive each student’s (Grade 12) indivuidual photo for the regular pages.

I think I have achieved LO2 because I had to come out of my comfort zone to actively collaborate with people and make sure my voice is heard which went smoother than I expected it to go. I think I also achieve LO1 which is my strengths as I am good at graphic design and good with technology already, I am a great addition to the team in facilitating any digital hiccups that might arise

Interim Reflection (R2)

People’s varying political views urged me to see if a computer could provide an accurate analysis. My previous algorithm was unsuitable due to comparison issues, so I used IntenCheck API and Keras/TensorFlow neural network, which are robust pieces of software that output data in a comparable format, on a scale of 0 to 100 for the value of every sentiment in text. I feel that the strongly opinionated tweets were a good way to test the accuracy of both pieces of software. Since analysing sentiments is always subjective, I used consensus to minimise the errors in classifying the tweets’ data sets. Then checking their accuracy by comparing results, I took the ratio of their results to draw up extendable conclusions. My decision to switch the algorithm and overall focused research approach will benefit me in overcoming challenges in future research papers as well. Conducting this experiment has increased my knowledge of AI, such as limitations in power consumption and storage. 

EE Day Reflection

One thing I’ve learned?

I’ve learned that the computer science EE requires a personal connection to be effectively embedded into it. I’ve also learned that you need to to the hardest things in your EE first before you tackle the things which you are sure of. Also the research data collection must be in line with answering your EE question, at points you can unintentionally stray off course.

What I’m proud of?

I’m proud that I have dedicated an entire day, focusing on my EE, so as to know the ups and downs and master the route and I’m going to take going forward. Planning and analysing are key to the EE and getting them done beforehand in much more helpful than panicking later on.

What I’ll be doing next?

Moving forward, I’ll finish writing my methodology and continue to tweak my introduction. Also I’ll get ready to conduct my primary research my conducting all the necessary tests and eventually conduct my research.


PPIS N2 Childcare Learning Outcomes/Demonstration


Dealing with children is a skill which will probably greatly benefit me in the future since I am going out in the world on my own. And if I ever work in a job with kids, I would immediately know what to do. This is the most taxing of my activities because it has both global and ethical concerns worldwide. Nonetheless I persevere and even enjoy the children’s smiling faces when they enjoy another one of our well planned sessions.

Yoga S2 Learning Outcomes/Demonstration


The key values of Yoga according to Indian tradition is to treat others the way you would like them to treat you, and this can be observed while doing yoga poses. Having respect for one’s own strengths and weaknesses is a key teaching. Always maintaining an active lifestyle (breathing, stretching, etc.) is important even if you can’t sit down for an hour of yoga everyday. Meditation being the best one.