Final EE Reflection (R3)

At the end of my EE writing process, certain considerations came to my mind. The first possible improvement was the sample size of data used, both for Neural Network training and comparing the NN with the algorithm. Using larger data sets might’ve reduced the chances of error lower than I’d predicted, but like all scientific experiments 100% accuracy is never achievable. Secondly, the problem of overtraining the NN as it reacts differently to different types of data sets, showing that the NN might find unintended sarcasm, this is inversely relatable to the algorithm’s ability to detect irony. However, my results answered my research question and gave insight into my original goal to efficiently settle any political debate with the help of computers. My research can help companies wanting to efficiently mine customer trends and have ethical consequences like election vote swinging. My research begged the question “What is privacy today with the widespread use of data mining to mould our every choice?”. Computer science must have ethical considerations, and this has opened a new area of interest for me, I want to conduct further personal research on this and even study it in university.