How PSE will help me through the IB

How will you apply your knowledge of identity, personality types and EQ to your journey through the IBDP

How does this help you? — identity will help me to identify different people’s habits, have a grasp of my own form of identification and how everyone fits in to the world. personality types help me distinguish people’s behaviours, EQ will help me probably know people’s levels of awareness to social status quo

How do others see you? — knowing other people’s and my EQ help me identify how people might see me, personality types will help me identify any biases people might have against me such as cultural or racial

Who are you becoming? — I feel that i’m definitely evolving and understanding more about life, PSE helps me cope with the different personal strains that the IB might place on me

How would your friends describe you? — According to personality, EQ and identity, my friend would say that i have a medium level of socai awareness but have a strong personality and can understand emotions from many different perspectives.

My major personality traits would be:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Competitiveness