Outlooks – Success and Happiness Reflection

Has the positivity challenge had an impact? Have you considered different ways to view happiness? Has any of this changed your outlook? Are you still a cynic? Tell us. Remember, journaling about a positive experience can be beneficial, and failing that, having a good moan also feels good! Reading one of the articles below might help you prompt your thinking.


The positivity challenge has had a major impact on my life and taught me how to go about life in a different way. in fact, the positivity challenge has been so helpful that I have spread it to members of my family as well and they have thanked me for introducing it in their lives. I am still cynical because that is how I am and that is what life is at the end of the day, you can’t go against society! One positive experience that I do every night before going to bed is that I think of a positive experience and this positively benefits me.

How CAS impacts or enhances your wellness- physical, mental, spiritual?

I feel that CAS gives me the opportunity to really challenge myself and at the same time achieve the learning outcomes which are also linked to spiritual, mental and physical. For example, doing yoga enchances my physical wellness but also my mwntal wellness as well, Mental wellness not only allows you to seek logic and reasoning in human existence, but it also allows you to appreciate your life experiences for the more finer details. When you achieve logic and understanding in your life experiences,There will be a harmony with the natural world, the sciences and mathematics. But also relating to one's emotions. In simpler terms, mental wellness grants you the ability to determine fact from prejudice but also helps you judge other people's characters.

Physical wellness talks about effect of the world on our bodies, and CAS helps with this. Physical wellness mainly talks about our ability to maintain and coordinate our body in a healthy way combined with the ability to know our limits but also push ourselves relatively hard. This being the spirit of CAS

What I know now about grade 11 life

Three things about UWCSEA grade 11 life:-

  1. Huge variety of different activities to take part in, creating a learning journey which is well balanced.
  2. A great environment to empower students and give them a positive initiative to achieve their goals.
  3. Creating a learning experience that encourages self-growth and has an aspect of service to others that fits in well.

While achieving one’s goals, it is always best to help others along the way benefitting both parties equally.