Commitment to care in community

Within the UWC comunity, I believe that commitment to care is a vital part of maintaining harmony between our community. Due to the constant involvement of service in the school, I feel that one’s commitment to care or at least my own personal commitment to care has been integrated into my everyday life, much like an instinct. Although some might argue that service is a ‘chore’ or that it is an extra amount of unnecessary effort, however, I believe, as a UWC student that it is important to recall the purpose of service. To ask oneself “Why do we do service?” and “WHo does service benefit?” and the answer to these questions, often results in the overarching meaning to service that, it takes very little time for us to make a small act of service, and although small, can have a huge impact on the joy of another. Thus, to me, a commitment to care should not be a choice, but rather the weighing of our own wants over another.

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