The Three Gorges Dam- Was it worth all the chaos?

The Three Gorges Dam has had many downfalls and successes. For example, the dam provides enough energy for 1/3 of the households in China, but it also caused many homes to be destroyed and leaving people homeless. Was the dam worth it?

The advantages and the disadvantages are both very strong points, but only one can be chosen.


1.) The air pollution in China

China has had an air pollution problem for years. It is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal. With the Three Gorges Dam, that can be partially fixed by a lot. The Three Gorges Dam can produce enough Hydroelectric power to be equivalent to 50 million tons of coal, which is a LOT.

2.) The homes and lives lost

Countless villages that were built along the riverside has been in a lot of danger, some even underwater. Many have been flooded, and with the water levels rising and falling drastically, the riverbanks have been weakened. That could cause avalanches and homes being crushed or sliding down hills.

3.) Protection and destruction of the environment

One of the plans for the dam were to make it high enough so that it would be able to protect 25000 hectares of farmland, and sure enough, it did. A large portion of surroundings were still ruined, such as the deforestation happening, and even animal species going extinct. It’s hard to believe, but a species of dolphin, (Yangtze River dolphin) was declared extinct back in 2006.

IN CONCLUSION, I believe that (I guess.. its hard to decide ok) the Three Gorges Dam was a good idea, but the government still needs to figure out how to fix the disadvantages and all the trouble and destruction it has caused. 🙂

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