How far do I agree with: “Lady Macbeth’s criminal mind and desire for ruthlessness have led many a critic to define her as evil. Closer examination have revealed her to be multifaceted”

I do slightly agree, as there are several places in the book where she changes attitude, either being with her own thoughts or interacting with others. She is a big driving force for the killing of King Duncan, it is most unlikely that Macbeth would not have become king if it were not for her persuading him t0 commit the killing. This makes Lady Macbeth seem like a ruthless and unapologetic person, but with high ambition. She knows his husband well, she also knows that Macbeth would be reluctant to do the killing, so she manipulated him into committing the killing. Lady Macbeth tried to hold it together, acting as “usual” on the outside but on her own, she wasn’t like that, thinking of things that relate back to the decision of killing Macbeth. Her conscience ultimately succumbs her as closer to the end of the book, it becomes obvious that her mental state was decreasing, as one of the servants thought when they observed her sleepwalking. The doctor observing heard her mention “what, will these hand ne’re be clean?” This was possible foreshadowing to the fact that her life wasn’t ever going to go uphill, and all the events that are going to take place will take a toll not just on her but for everyone in the book too.

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