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For my MOCKS I thought I did pretty well and I was quite happy with my results. For most of my subjects, I got what I expected in terms of grade and was quite happy with the amount I studied and prepared. However, there are some subjects where I think I could have done a bit better for example science especially in Paper 6 which is because I think I studied more for the other 2 papers and so I didn’t feel as prepared for this one. This is why for my real exams in June I’m going to make sure that I work on all of my papers. Some techniques I would also like to implement into my studying which I did not do for my MOCKS would be to study some of our earlier units first but then come back to them at the end. Or my teacher recommended that when I study one unit I continuously come back to it and do a couple of questions frequently. This would really help me with my exams as I think I struggled in terms of quickly forgetting the units I have done in a long time. Another subject I struggled a bit with for my MOCKS was maths as I think I spent more time on the other subjects like science and geography and therefore for my paper 2 was not ready enough. For paper 6 because it is a paper I struggle a lot in I went to tuition for help which really helped for paper 4 practice however I found that they gave me too much support for paper 6. This then meant that I was able to do it properly with them however once I was on my own, I find paper 6 really hard and therefore for my real exams I would like to focus on completing practice papers on my own and then asking for help when I don’t understand. I think this will help me get used to having to solve problems independently and not always relying on a tutor to help. I think maths and science being the 2 subjects which in my opinion have a lot of content and need a lot of time spent on them I really need to manage my time properly for my exams and not leave something like a unit for example for the last minute. One new technique I would like to try would be to focus on the units I need help with and come back to those throughout my revision for any subject and I think this will also really help me. I am quite proud of my MOCKS however I think there are still some areas of improvement for my real exams and I think my MOCKS really helped me to underline those areas which now I can work on for in June. • March 22, 2020

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