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Circuit Breaker – New Learning

Even though there have been many limitations through this circuit breaker I have still done activities I have never done before and learned new skills. For example, I have been reading a lot more than in the past before the circuit breaker as I have been finding myself to have much more time available. I…

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CREST – Analysing Sources

Fox News Video – Reference of source: Carlson, T. (2020, 19 March). Study: Malaria drug could be used to treat coronavirus [Video]. Fox News. Strengths: Published on March 19 making It about 2 months old so it is very current. Providing evidence in claims The links work and FOX news is quite a reputable…

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Circuit Breaker Reflection – Limitations and Challenges

So far the circuit breaker has been challenging for me both mentally and socially. We are about one month into online learning and this new circuit breaker situation which is all very new to me so there are some aspects I still find challenging to get used to. Throughout these times we all have had…

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CREST Science Project

SKILLS AUDIT – Review of score and reflection: I think the most important skills for this project will be time management and personal mastery. This is because other skills such as leadership and being able to communicate ideas well to others are important to have however this project mainly focuses on us being able to…

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IB Subject Choices

One possible carear for me would be physiotherapy. This is because I really enjoy sports and it is something which I also find very interesting, therefore, I would really like to have a career involving sports. This is why for my IB choices, initially, I wrote down that I would like to choose HL sports…

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MOCKS reflection

For my MOCKS I thought I did pretty well and I was quite happy with my results. For most of my subjects, I got what I expected in terms of grade and was quite happy with the amount I studied and prepared. However, there are some subjects where I think I could have done a…

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Global Perspectives – Greta Thunberg Discussion

Ella, Sashwika, Margaux Greta Thunberg is an inspiration for young people everywhere on how best to harness the power of the internet    

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