How does the interplay of written & visual text affect our response / interpretation?

Considering the Audience, Purpose and Perspective. How does the intertextual nature of the text create a completely different impact? Does this text have anything to say about identity?

The interplay of written & visual text is very impactful to the audience’s response towards the ad. The use of text can change the visual and textual meaning behind what is being preserved and interpret. The intertextual nature of the text helps change the perspective of the ad towards the reader, causing the ad to be looked at with more thought, giving it a greater meaning. For example in this ad about raising awareness for paedophilia, the text is in the top right-hand corner in faint colouring, causing the readers to focus to be led somewhere else. These impacts how the ad is looked at because since it uses the inspiration of a child fairytale as the front picture, the audience’s perception of the ad will first be innocent and submissive¬†but the once they read the text the meaning will be more shocking, which would have been the authors intent.


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