A Jump From the Mountains to the Sea-UWCSEA

Hey there 👋 I’m Wangdrak and I am from Bhutan. To anyone reading this who does not know where my home is, Bhutan is a landlocked country sandwiched between India and China. Like the title of my post suggest, it was a completely different world for me coming to Singapore, a first timer for this mountain boy being very close to the open oceans. In the coming weeks I am certain that I will be exposed to a number of collective, life changing lessons all contributing to an education like no other. In the process its also about the people you meet along the way, and the past few days with my fellow boarders makes you realise how different we are. But these differences is what makes us unique in our own special way. Our cultures, values and goals all being shared and appreciated make up the aspect of unity throughout the diverse range of races. These variations and changes induced in me because of the different people I meet will alway be following the  UWC principle – Embrace the Differences. Although right now having spend my first week most of them within closed doors of the Tampines House, anxiety and excitement fills my mindset. The coming weeks also will bring days when stress levels exceed and you just want to roll up in the corner and cry. We will have such dark days but I need not fear, for the forces of friends, teachers , house parents and the whole UWCSEA community has got my back. May this force be with you too! These two years will play a huge role in my academic life and its gonna be hard but I just wanna say to the IB, bring it on!

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