Pre-season basketball has been well quite hard. As much as I enjoy to play basketball, the sessions were always tiring. Besides the warm-ups, when we got into playing practice matches I could sense the atmosphere of competition in the air. Everyone seems so focused and took it seriously. Maybe a bit too serious. The mornings […]

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The Service

Learning Outcome 1 ,6 & 4 One of the main reasons as to why I felt that this service was the right one for me as it fulfilled the goals of SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. In many ways, it incorporated my own ambition of having a […]

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A Experience to Cherish

Culturama has been honestly a highlight of my first term spent at UWCSEA. Doing this as a means, not for CAS but getting everything in there from having fun to creating bonds with people through something I’ve never done before. Dance has never been a particular strong suit and I remember grade two being the […]

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PSE Reflection

Having gone through the sessions of PSE, I have gotten to experience a journey of self discovery and lessons. I learned that we all have a identity which we identify ourselves as but it is different from what our friends may see or our family. We associate identity from physical appearance down to the behaviours […]

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