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Culturama has been honestly a highlight of my first term spent at UWCSEA. Doing this as a means not for CAS but getting everything in there from having fun to creating bonds with people through something I’ve never done before. Dance has never been a particular strong suit and I remember grade two being the last time I ever danced. So skipping lunches and practicing even on weekends sort of became the norm, but I was glad cause it was so WORTH IT!

It wasn’t just about moving your body but rather immersing yourself in the beauty of different cultures. I participated in Cambodia, which was less hip compared to others but you could feel the high level of energy in the serene elegance of expression. As we wrapped up in the end with the finale I was a part of a unit. I felt the shear joy living the moment where everything just froze in time, worries disappeared and I was having a good time.

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