Pre-season basketball has been well quite hard. As much as I enjoy to play basketball, the sessions were always tiring. Besides the warm-ups, when we got into playing practice matches I could sense the atmosphere of competition in the air. Everyone seems so focused and took it seriously. Maybe a bit too serious. The mornings were always so tiring and hard. Despite the early morning war with waking up on a Tuesday, I would actually be energized to play during the training. I’m guessing that adrenaline pumping through my veins but sadly during the day fail to supply during classes. Then it was a struggle to keep your eyes open. I could see that the others were committed as well but you know they’ve been playing for quite some time when those Lebron vibes kick in their 3 pointer shots. I feel that it was going to take quite a bit of time before I even think of catching up to other players.

The game of basketball has always been a highlight in my childhood, whether it was shooting some hoops or playing right after school and missing tuitions. Back then I knew nothing about the rules or how to dribble properly, but still, I always manage to fall in love with the game. It was my getaway from everyday life and excellent stress relieving procedure. It was a game that bonded people and a match was certainly the best icebreaker to get to know people. Even on a cold winter evening, I cannot imagine anything better than playing with my best pals in a basketball court.  Ball was life. Ball is life. And I hope it always stays that way.


Learning Outcome 4: Commitment

I showed resilience and perseverance in this activity by not failing to give it my all during every session, and even though it was very tiring I just learned to accept the early morning with a burst of excitement which eventually assimilated into a daily schedule. I think that my commitment had a lot to do with my success in the activity and the overall improvement of my basketball skills. Without the added motivation of becoming better, I do not think that I would have made it at all through the tiring mornings.

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