Rubiks Cube

Learning Outcome 1 & 2

As I started this new club, I thought that I was going to be starting off into something that was going to be very hectic and difficult. But having joined the club, I only found it to be a place where I can learn and explore more. My average in solving the cube was a minute which is still quite slow compared to others. For me previously, solving the cube had been enough. There wasn’t much left to do with that fact. After joining this club, I learned of new cubes that I had never seen before. New more refined methods to solve the 3×3 cube and faster procedures. So in that, I was immersed in the world of cubing. A world which was not apparent to me before. It is a challenge to become faster just instantly and abandoning the patterns you had held so dear during your first solve. But what is a given is that after every single solve, it will contribute to a better time. You just keep on becoming better at it as you are conditioned to just carry it out.

Maybe after some number of solves, there may be a slight chance that I may be able to make a national record in my country for the fastest solution for a 3×3 cube. This is going to be my challenge that I am going to overcome as having learned how to solve a cube was quite long ago. Now suddenly coming back to it is just hard work because cubing like many other skills requires constant reinforcement. If not effectively practiced in time, I can see that with time, the skill starts to wear off. Many of my peers in the club are record solvers, one, in particular, is a national record holder in his country. So its when you associate with these people and start to really get things done through collaboration on the same individual goal. I can learn a lot about cubing in general through just looking at them and how they get their record solves done in time.

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