Service Reflection

Learning Outcome 1, 4 & 5

So far I think I have progressed quite a lot in getting to know the athletes and forming this bond with them. We had been paired up with specific athletes and we had to kinda keep in sync with them. We were keen on our observations and to see what they lacked in terms of badminton skills. Whether it was trying to serve or forward hand smash, it was important that we play different modes of practice to enhance their weaknesses and make them strengths. We also played many games prior to the actual practice where we had employed creative skills to reinforce fun learning. We had games where the main objective would be to juggle the shuttle with the racquet as much as you can. This would improve the skill of bouncing the shuttle and improving the number of times it touches the racquet. I was particularly happy with the way it improves how to plan the direction of your stroke. Some may just be conditioned to be doing the same stroke again and again which necessarily does not work in every scenario. We had players involve in physical games of not just badminton but also footwork as many would just be standing in one position most of the time. This improves their reflexes to move forward as well.

Other than games designed for physical attributes of sport, we also have regular games which are always fun in the sense that once a week my childhood is replenished by bringing out the inner child in all of us. I too have progressed a lot in the game and I feel that it is shaping up to be a sport I enjoy equally as basketball. Not long ago, it was just a sport I was okay with but now it is more of a hobby actually. I wish to learn and practice even more in the game of Badminton. This may be a  result of an emotional attachment to the game where you play with athletes and just look at how much they had improved in the game. Simple gestures where they serve the shuttle properly now are enough to just give you that drive to enjoy and love the game. I’m sure my peers feel the same way in terms of the whole service. In the future, we may be expecting few grade 9’s to join in the service. So more the better and I’m sure we can learn and enjoy with the athletes very much.

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