Water Polo

Learning Outcome 1 &2

With no prior swimming expertise, it was hard in the beginning to play the whole game since we had to swim with the ball in front of us. It was also a struggle for me to keep balancing in the water hoping that my head would be above the surface. Some days we would just be practicing throwing the ball overhead on the surface. But other days it would be swimming back and forth to test our stamina. I took occasional breaks over time stopping halfway if I went full in with the speed but if I were to do the normal breaststrokes, I would be able to breathe time to time while swimming. The game of water polo requires the unification of many skills in one sweet blend. The ability of stamina, agility, strength, and accuracy must be all up to the top mark if you wish to triumph. Under the guise of the watchful coach, I was able to learn over time. He taught me leg movements to practice the ‘art’ of floating in the water. There would be moments when my leg would just cramp up from swimming and then when it came to handling the ball, I was a total disaster at it since I would have to be floating in the water while being able to aim the ball at the post.

Being in the water although weird for me say being from a landlocked country is quite therapeutic from time to time. Getting into the water where all of the emptiness is filled with the soothing effects of water. Many reflections come from just being with the water on the lessons of life. Water has the ability to take shape of its container, is soft, and flexible. But at the same time, it carries the potential to cut mountains with dedication and the ability to drown people as well.  Much like IB isn’t it, understand it and it will serve you well. Don’t and it may just lead to your demise. I have played quite a number of practice matches in pairs and have been able to win some. It is much essentially something like playing soccer with your hand except in an anti-gravitational field where you need to keep your body upright. So its been quite a journey to convert it from being a struggle on a Friday evening to a source of fun. I am far from perfect but I think that I have come a long way in this activity.

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