Initial Reflection

I knew that choosing the topic of food preservation definitely sparked my interest in Biology. After brainstorming on the anti-microbial components in food, I decided that my research would be based on the effects of using chitosan and the pepper extract for the preservation of mozzarella. But I had no clue about quantifying my data which after discussing with my supervisor, I learned that I could use a visual counting system to count the number of bacterial colonies. I decided upon mozzarella as it is fresh, has a short lifespan and also quick and easy to make. This way I could start over if I fail my experiment. However, I do realize for the feasibility of my investigation, I need to start determining at what concentration of chitosan or capsaicin does it really start to affect preservation. Then from there on, I can start my data collection with different concentrations of amorphous chitosan and capsaicinoid, comparing their antimicrobial properties.


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