Learning Outcome 5 and 7


We started our trip from the high mountains of Tarako National Park
As we descended into the gorge which made our cycling trip much easier, the scenic environment just kept on coming
At the end of our +40km journey, we ended near the sea where it started to rain but our sense of accomplishment kept us alive despite the sore thighs
In the New Dawn Education Center, we helped the clients in whatever way we could support and it was a definite learning experience for us
One of the many things we made sure during project week was always having a smile on your face because such a small gesture has a huge impact in keeping the overall positive vibe going
It was heartwarming to meet everyone from the center as well as the director herself which just goes to show the level of appreciation I think they share
Taipei City from elephant mountain
Maokong, with the best tea experience


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