Interim Reflection

The results didn’t yield substantial data for discussion such as the zero number of colonies for the capsaicin used in preserving milk, along with capsaicin raising may complications being a fine particle, caused irritation in the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract which is harmful by inhalation or skin absorption and resulted in respiratory system irritation. To avoid this and make the study safer, capsaicin was switched to chilli powder. Chitosan was removed due to its antibacterial properties being negatively effected in efforts to dissolve it, amplified the number of colonies. To measure inhibitory effects directly on the dependent variable, bacteria responsible for dairy spoilage such as e.coli and bacillus cereus substitutes the milk. My supervisor has asked to restructure some of the language used in the essay as it was colloquial and also to make sure that the background information directly narrows down to the relevant information aiding to help answer the research question and not make it vague.

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