Post Culturama Reflection

LO1 and LO4

With the end of the term, as I recollect some of the most significant moments from the two years of IB, it has got to be Culturama. Having participated both years in Cuturama, I feel that I realised my limited experience of dancing has nothing to do with starting a newfound interest. Since then I have performed at a couple of shows back at home and I feel that it has been worthwhile to overcome that social insecurity of performing in front of others. Although the public eye does matter, it has had nothing to do with an excuse to try something. I will continue to take up this art form of dance as the motion not only wakes up the senses but releases a sense of joy, and oneness with the moment. Even though I have had bad days of performing, you just put those as reminders to try even harder in the next. That way every dance session is a step to your next best performance!

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