Water Polo

Learning Outcome 1 &2 With no prior swimming expertise, it was hard in the beginning to play the whole game since we had to swim with the ball in front of us. It was also a struggle for me to keep balancing in the water hoping that my head would be above the surface. Some […]

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Service Reflection

Learning Outcome 1, 4 & 5 So far I think I have progressed quite a lot in getting to know the athletes and forming this bond with them. We had been paired up with specific athletes and we had to kinda keep in sync with them. We were keen on our observations and to see […]

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Rubiks Cube

Learning Outcome 1 & 2 As I started this new club, I thought that I was going to be starting off into something that was going to be very hectic and difficult. But having joined the club, I only found it to be a place where I can learn and explore more. My average in […]

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Activity Reflection

Learning Outcome 2: Challenge The activity was very much new to me, I am not a very experienced swimmer and learning to adapt to be freely moving in the water is quite hard. With a very watchful coach, I overcame my fear of drowning, as he said to just to accept water as a friend. […]

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Pre-season basketball has been well quite hard. As much as I enjoy to play basketball, the sessions were always tiring. Besides the warm-ups, when we got into playing practice matches I could sense the atmosphere of competition in the air. Everyone seems so focused and took it seriously. Maybe a bit too serious. The mornings […]

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The Service

Learning Outcome 1 ,6 & 4 One of the main reasons as to why I felt that this service was the right one for me as it fulfilled the goals of SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. In many ways, it incorporated my own ambition of having a […]

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A Experience to Cherish

Culturama has been honestly a highlight of my first term spent at UWCSEA. Doing this as a means, not for CAS but getting everything in there from having fun to creating bonds with people through something I’ve never done before. Dance has never been a particular strong suit and I remember grade two being the […]

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First Experience Of Service

Learning Outcome 1 Today we had a nice little recap of the session on service presented by grade 12, talking about the whole reason of involving yourself for service. As we learned about the whole cycle of service which includes preparation and planning, demonstration, investigation, we also got to interact with each other by playing […]

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