Service Reflection

Learning Outcome 1, 4 & 5 So far I think I have progressed quite a lot in getting to know the athletes and forming this bond with them. We had been paired up with specific athletes and we had to kinda keep in sync with them. We were keen on our observations and to see […]

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Pre-season basketball has been well quite hard. As much as I enjoy to play basketball, the sessions were always tiring. Besides the warm-ups, when we got into playing practice matches I could sense the atmosphere of competition in the air. Everyone seems so focused and took it seriously. Maybe a bit too serious. The mornings […]

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The Service

Learning Outcome 1 & 4   My experience in service so far has been a blast. Being in the Special Olympics, one thing certainly strikes to mind being that I have never involved myself among people with intellectual problems. So the question for me was how I was going to approach these people and whether […]

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