Culturama: Unexplored

LO 5 Doing Culturama this time has reminded me of the importance of requirement in the physical aspect of life as opposed to newly recognized interest in the artistic expression of dance.  I collaborated with my dance team of Germany and although amidst the sea of IB submissions and assignments at its peak during this […]

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Service Reflection

Learning Outcome 1, 4 & 5 So far I think I have progressed quite a lot in getting to know the athletes and forming this bond with them. We had been paired up with specific athletes and we had to kinda keep in sync with them. We were keen on our observations and to see […]

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A Experience to Cherish

Culturama has been honestly a highlight of my first term spent at UWCSEA. Doing this as a means, not for CAS but getting everything in there from having fun to creating bonds with people through something I’ve never done before. Dance has never been a particular strong suit and I remember grade two being the […]

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