Senior Belt Experience in Taekwondo – Reflection!

Hi Everybody,

Welcome back to another one of my blog posts. I hope everyone is doing well.

Today, I want to talk about something good that has happened in this quarantine,  I want to talk about a moment I have been waiting for since quite a young age.

I started learning Taekwondo around 4 years ago,  when I was around 11 years old in order to support my sister with her martial arts journey – – who by the way started at the same time as me, however, at the age of 6.

As you may have known from one of my older posts, I am really close to finally attaining my black belt. With this, comes the opportunity of helping out in junior belt examinations and gradings, however, as an admin. As a young girl, I always saw my older classmates having this opportunity. The only chance I had at the time to teach someone else was to help out my younger sister.

I guess the real reason why I was excited to act as an admin for my first time was due to the benefits I would gain from the experience. I truly enjoy teaching people, I find that I am great at that. And this was a way to put that skill to practice! This was a way to use my training of taekwondo to a different use. My training helped out others, rather than simply getting through my own tests to get to a higher level, and I am happy about that.

For the future, I would love to be more confident in myself in what I am telling the younger students during exam time and I would also like to practice more as to brush up my skills so I can have everything right when setting an example as an older student. Perhaps I could learn from more experienced learners!

I hope you enjoyed me voicing my thoughts. This is all for now.

Will see you in my next blog post!

Thank you!

Working on my Hobbies and Passions

Since I was in Grade 4, I have loved the subject of English and Writing in general. I have evolved into a better writer since then (obviously!) and have grown my interest in terms of what topics I like to write about. For instance, when I was younger, I had used to love to write stories related to the genre of fantasy. I think my interest built through the writing workshops we did in school. I also always seemed to be inclined towards understanding different types of poetry and loved making some myself (check out my prose poems in my previous posts and the ones I wrote under the English ELP section.) Soon enough, I started enjoying reading and taking notes, I could now easily say, I am a reader and love reading ( I don’t even cringe at the thought of it!)

As I got older, I still continued to collaborate with my friends on stories that had built out of our imaginations. Then came the essays we needed to write for school work and eventually, I took up the course of Global Perspectives in Grade 9 through which I gained amazing and important skills in developing a piece of nonfiction writing that still impacts people from the core and makes people think about the systems in place in our world today. The subject English itself continued to develop my creative thinking skills and kept inspiring me to write about raising awareness on global issues in our world today.

When I kept meeting other people who were amazing writers like some of my current friends who love to write poems and stories, they inspired me to do something about my passion for writing as well. I was encouraged to put my skill to use.  I thought the best way to do that was by trying to get some sort of my work published. I thought I could do that by writing as a contributor on a website, taking part in writing competitions such as those of NY Times (I have tried doing some of these), trying to get my writing accepted to be published in an online magazine such as Medium or the news reporter, Atlantic, or maybe by publishing a book. Many of these things seemed distant to me, as for some reason, I was not confident enough in myself that I could actually achieve any of these things.

My first step towards coming closer to this goal was to make a blog for myself. However, I did not need to that as soon enough, we got our own through school. This one! I put a lot of effort into my work here, and I am currently working on improving my website’s appearance, readership, and generating better content.

My second step was to get published on websites, and I am so glad to be able to say that I have finally managed to be able to do so. I am currently starting to write articles for a website created by High School Students in Singapore which stands against all types of discrimination. I have also been accepted for the position of the Blog Writer at another website created by High School Students in Singapore and the website’s goal is to provide help to other IGCSE Students. 

Perhaps, in the future, I would love to write for my school, UWC as well. For instance, maybe something in the magazine, ebrief, etc. A good way to do that would be by improving my Writer’s Fortnight Articles moving further as school begins.

Lastly, this summer I have finally been able to start another project for my passion of writing with one of my friends, however, I would prefer to announce that later on this year, when it comes more to life. I think what makes me even more excited is that I get to go through this amazing process with a friend!

That is about it on my little life update and where I am at this point in time!

Are you a Victim or the Culprit? How to Flush the Termites…

Many people tell us to control what is in our hands, and not to worry about the things that are out of our control. This is so true, but the irony of the statement is not lost to those who know that there is one and only one thing that leads to situations going out of our control and that one thing is “procrastination”. 

Now… if we don’t procrastinate, I can assure that you that a lot of things that matter to you will surely be in your control. But again, like many things in life that matter, it is easier said than done. What I mean is that it is very easy to say “don’t procrastinate”, but anyone in High School, who goes through a daily roller coaster of emotions, assignments and obsessive parenting knows that procrastination is a natural byproduct.

I’m not here to give you your usual, “these are very important years in building a life for yourself, therefore, its good to focus in high school” or “I know it can be hard to concentrate and be the best of ourselves during a global pandemic.”

What I can surely tell you is that I have personally been a victim of procrastination. I have realized that it is one of those things which tends to take over our lives silently, like a virus that is in the environment but strikes from nowhere and impacts those with less immunity, or maybe like termites who infest the best wooden fixtures and leave them weak and tottering. It seems all involuntary, but then the question is whether we can control and fix it and maybe completely eradicate the termites and the virus of procrastination. 

I read somewhere that procrastination is a mental block. It is a method through which we are able to run away and avoid things we don’t like doing, or where we subconsciously feel a fear of failure or the fear of being judged. 

We don’t like facing our fears head-on. And why should we anyway? It is draining. But procrastination allows us to look past the benefits of many things that may be important in the future. In a way, it is all about making a sacrifice and making the best use of our greatest resource… time. I mean you, me, and Beyonce, we all get the same 24 hours in a day. No, this does not mean you sit like a saint in your room and study, or work on goals that will help you get to the level of your aspirations, but for what its worth, be selfish. Think about yourself. Think about …that at this point of time, maybe you do really need is to pick up that book which is part of the coursework, and finish those past papers that would help you in exams.

We use all the reasons and justifications to convince us and others that procrastination was the right thing to do to justify all the time we waste. Procrastination is not you being lazy or tired, but the fact is that it is our mental block that has led to us using the time for something that was easy and kept us occupied, while in all honestly that time would have been better utilized on doing things that should have been under our control.

The procrastination can metaphorically be seen as the piece of wooden structure that has been wrecked by termites infestation. The termites are nothing but the attitude of procrastinating. The termites suck out the wood’s potential and make the wood hollow and worthless. Similarly, procrastination sucks out the quality of your work by taking away your precious time is not so “useful” activities and does not let your level of work reach where it could have.

And no, please don’t say that you work better under pressure because as we grow older, trust me, we will truly prefer those days when we aren’t rushing to finish things a couple of hours before their due date. As we grow older, things get harder, and we need a lot of time on our hands to make our quality of work the best it could be to truly achieve high dreams. Dare I say, we need self-disciple to make our version perfect to ourselves. 

So here are a few ways procrastination can be tackled: 

  1. First and foremost, realize that you have been running away from work. Don’t justify actions. And yes you had enough time, we all have time for the things that matter to us. Try to understand why and what you are going to do is important. 
  2. Literally, sit down and finish it off. Or make a start. Do it. Honestly, get off your bed and get on with it. 

Some other bright people who have either gone through IGCSE or are currently doing the course had some thoughts to offer as well! (Names have been changed).

Ivy Chen, 15, Grade 10

Keep a positive mindset, as this positive mindset can help you get deep into things and understand topics at an intriguing level. Purposely make yourself fall in love with what you are doing. 

  • Set time limits on your phone for different apps…challenge yourself. Keep your phone away from you
  • It is understandable to get drained when there are more pressures on the mind – – more than simply academics.
  • If you get distracted, ask yourself… “will this help me in any way in the future?” or “will I regret this later?” 
  • Give yourself rewards for completing targets i.e. watch an episode of your favorite show, watch one youtube video, go on your phone for a bit
  • Drink water in between studying 

Laura Bishop, 16, Grade 10

  • Have a routine that you strictly follow so you don’t really get a chance to procrastinate 
  • There are a lot of things that affect our state of mind i.e. the music we listen to and the different apps we have access to – – “this summer I reduced my screen time a lot and it honestly made me feel A LOT BETTER in so many ways.”
  • Music types to stimulate brain better (no need of changing songs as playlists can be used and songs don’t have lyrics to avoid distractions): Yiruma

Sameena Joseph 17, Grade 11 

“I panic when I do things last minute and have a mental breakdown”

  • Hide your phone (very elaborately) 
  • Work on a timer (breaks included)
  • Make a list and a make note of different times to complete those tasks (the key is not to burn yourself out and give yourself free time – be realistic in short term goal setting)

I hope this was helpful…see you soon.

Arshiya x

Personal Statement – Grade 9

How many times have we heard “everything happens for a reason”?

Our family holiday to Vietnam in December 2018, probably was the most significant holiday in my life. Not necessarily due to the events that took place, but more so, what those events ended up meaning for me. 

Trip to Vietnam, Dec 2018

I traveled to Vietnam in a big family group with my aunt’s family and my grandparents. Upon reaching there, we realized that the weather was much colder than we had originally anticipated. As luck would have it, my grandma suffered a severe infection on the second day of the holiday, just the night before we were to go to Ha-Long Bay for a cruise. Brave lady as she is, she insisted that we don’t call off the holiday and accompanied us to give us more confidence in her health conditions. Things were not getting easy for her, and we finally decided to cut our holiday short. She was admitted to a hospital in Singapore for 2 weeks but has since not been completely healthy.

The uncertainty of these days and the stress that we went through as a family triggered the memories of how bravely she has overcome various medical situations she had to go through in the last few years.  Starting from fevers leading to the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disease where she had to adapt to live with this disease), then having a knee replacement surgery and learning to walk with a plastic knee,  and worst of all, getting diagnosed with liver cancer and fighting it back with a lot of courage and patience. I felt overwhelmed knowing the fact that even with all the love, support, and medical care that she received, her health was never really good. However, she always remained strong, ready to take on anything. 

As for me, I just wanted to see my grandma, back in her chair, sitting in the garden every early morning, reading the paper. I wanted her to be able to enjoy the weather, the birds, and her tea. Why did she stop doing all of that? Why did she have to suffer so much? Because everything hurt and she had progressively lost the strength to get up each morning or to just walk to the garden. This disheartened me. 

As I thought about these situations, a certain idea started shaping in my mind. I felt that the events of the Vietnam Holiday had a reason and perhaps it was a way of nature to show me that I needed to do something. It seemed that the seeds of my future life were sown, as now I was thinking that maybe I wanted to choose medicine as a profession and train to be a doctor. This was my mind telling me that this is the best way to end the feeling of helplessness that I felt when I couldn’t be of much help when my grandma fell ill during that holiday. Maybe things really did happen for a reason? Now I was ready to give this thought shape and work. However, life is full of unpredictabilities.

It did help immensely that I come from a family of doctors from my father’s side. My grandfather and most of my aunts and uncles are doctors. Seeing how clinics work, the hard work, and sincere efforts that doctors put in was very apparent to me from a young age. I have always admired the fact that being a doctor means that one dedicates their life towards a noble cause. But then it was also not lost to me that becoming a doctor would be a long and arduous journey, especially during these times when technology develops and advances at a fast pace and the medical field is faced with numerous ethical dilemmas. But, now that I had decided to go on this path, I was ready to put in the effort. 

I am a very ambitious and hardworking girl. I have done very well in my academic courses and at the same time have done exceptionally well in other activities. I have cleared the Grade 7 Piano ABRSM Exam and am now preparing for the Grade 8 Exam. I have also been receiving TaekWondo training and am now only one step away from being awarded “Black Belt.” I have taken part in the National Level championship where I was awarded a gold medal for my age category and belt. In addition to that, since middle school to my first year of high school, I have gained leadership positions and recognition for the work that I have done with numerous Services and Global Concerns that UWCSEA supports.

The way I go about doing things is that I set myself goals and then put hard work at all the fronts to go for it. I try to do my best to achieve great results. After listening to my family, to my seniors and alumni talk, I have realized that there are a number of things that I need to put in place in order to get admission to a good University in order to be a doctor. I have broken these tasks into a number of small steps that I have to work on from this summer to the year 2023. Pursuing academic excellence is one of the most important goals, however, I also have identified goals in areas such as internships, service, activities, reading, and leadership that I want to be working on.

For instance, one of my short term goals is to set up a couple of fundraisers to donate to the cause of supporting cancer, to donate to other nursing and old age homes. This could be done both in Singapore and in India. The reason I would like to do this is that its not only a way to show support to my grandmother but all of my older family members. I could also use my skills in playing the piano in order to raise money. Or perhaps I could set up a fundraiser through sponsorships on the basis of one of my personal health goals, which is to be able to run ten km in sixty minutes. However, I am still planning for this. I am also looking to talk to the service heads in school to try and set up a service that directly supports a cause that I and many others would be passionate about in regards to diseases our older communities face. I tend to take a lot of leadership roles in school and I am looking forward to trying and gain a leadership position in the  Elderly Care service soon. In addition to that, I want to continue to work on my NYAA which would show my commitment to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is important as it would ensure that when the time comes, I would be both mentally and physically ready for a long and strenuous medical course.

Another huge part of getting into medical school would be having internship experiences. This really interests me as I love doing tasks that are hands-on in order to create change. I am looking to work with my family members who are doctors, with hospitals in Singapore and in India for shadowing and volunteering opportunities in Nursing Homes and other places. Perhaps in IB, I would also apply for a research course at a hospital. I have yet to do research on such topics, but this is how I would be utilizing my summer considering these unprecedented times. Perhaps one thing which would be helpful is to look for online internships/courses in this field. 

I believe that a well rounded and holistic awareness of matters helps to bring a deeper perspective on the things that one is passionate about. One way that I will do is to educate myself on topics that interest me in medicine by reading books that are highly recommended. 

As for now, I would like to read:

  • “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalinithi 
  • “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande
  • “Do No Harm” by Henry Marsh
  • “Bad Blood” by John Carreryou 

Sometimes I feel as though I have immense clarity on where I am going, but then doubts creep in, I get burned out and tend to lose motivation. However, as I grow and learn, I think I will start getting further focussed on what I truly want to do.

All in all, the more I explore and learn about self, I have realized that getting into Med School is simply the first step into leading a life full of unpredictability. I want to be an individual who would leave a mark, and that means I would have to be more than a doctor.


What is the difference between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter? Have a look at this analogy by Kris Straub!

Here is one of my own analogies! Have a look and I hope you learn something new. I did get an idea from the link listed below in my works cited list.

But before that…what is an analogy?

Definition: A comparison in which an idea or a thing is compared to another thing that is quite different from it. It aims at explaining that idea or thing by comparing it to something that is familiar. 

Comic Strip!

Arshiya x

Works Cited: 

  1. Wahi, Sukriti. “How To Explain Why Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Wrong To Someone You Care About.” ELLE, 9 June 2020, Accessed 10 June 2020.

Racism + BLM

This is the article our conversation was based on! Listen on to find out about current world issues in more depth in this amazing conversation. We are just teenagers discussing our thoughts.

Excuse the quality, we are doing remote learning!

Arshiya x

We Are Not Responsible

Hi Everyone…as we all know, there have been many protests all over the USA. These protests support the idea of BLACK LIVES MATTER. Look out for an upcoming post (will post soon) that goes into more detail about these topics. I want to be able to spread awareness and make use of this platform. Keep reading on…

The poem “We Are Not Responsible” is a type of protest poetry. It is written by Harryette Mullen, 66, who is a Professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles, an American Poet, a short story writer, and literary scholar. She teaches creative writing and African – American literature at UCLA.

This poem was published in 2002, from Mullen’s book, “Sleeping With the Dictionary.”  This poem comes out extremely strong as it is written from the perspective of a group of people who hold some responsibility but don’t accept it well and follow through with it. The reason it truly hits hard is due to the fact that the poem sounds like a mockery. Meaning, in my opinion,  it shows irony. That these people have a certain duty however, it is as if they end up doing the exact opposite. It gives the idea that gruesome things are done by people we give authority to.

The poem has the use of a lot of figurative language such as metaphors. Some examples are:

  • “…please extinguish all smoldering resentments.”
  • “We are unable to find the key to your legal case.”

There is also a sense of rhyme in there. We know this because each line is made up of a similar amount of syllables. Perhaps, we can argue that the poem represents the situation of migrant workers entering a country. As we hear many times circulating in the news, one prevalent country that comes to mind is the USA. Obviously, there are many issues with migrant workers entering the country.  Considering the fact Mullen works there, perhaps, as an artist, she decided to reflect the times and what she has some sort of connection to.

Lastly, obviously there are many ways this poem helps raise consciousness and build a united front. This poem also exposes a lot of grim truths of our world today. For instance, the starting line in stanza 1 and the ending lines in stanza 2 are the best examples of lines that may apply to more than one issue. We realize there are many issues that especially connect to the line “Please remain calm, or we can’t be held responsible for what happens to you.” We can apply this to the killing of George Floyd and the killing of numerous other black people through police malpractice and brutality which seems to be reserved in most cases, for the blacks. A book that explains this further is “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas. It really opened my eyes to the fact that children who are black grow up with parents always worried about them, thinking they may not return home one day. They grow up learning how to not question what a cop does to you etc, even if it is a violation of human rights.  These types of situations clearly translate into some of the lines of this poem. Additionally, overall, this poem lets us know that governments and the different authorities can sometimes truly be selfish and do things in a way that supports their thinking and their thinking only (though the poem may not be specifically about this). Not what is best for everyone. All in all, this poem displays the violation of a couple of human rights, the disclaimer of the world’s humanity today, a lack of responsibility, and finally, the misfeasance of the government.

Here is the link to the poem! You can check out many more online! I encourage you to find a way you can support the BLM movement. It is extremely crucial. Donations can be made, petitions can be signed, youtube videos can be watched who donate all generated revenue through advertisements to support this cause.

“Speaking truth to power remains a crucial role of the poet in the face of political and media rhetoric designed to obscure, manipulate, or worse.”

Educate yourself and stay safe! See you soon!

Arshiya x


  1. “Group Protest Poetry Study-We Are Not Responsible.”, Accessed 7 June 2020.

Noticeable Differences in Lady Macbeth: Act 1 vs. Act 2

Lady Macbeth’s character is first introduced to the audience in Scene 5, Act 1. Today, I want to discuss some key differences in Lady Macbeth that have been noticed in Act 2 compared to her first appearance.

When we first see her character, it’s when she is reading Macbeth’s letter out loud which describes the whole supernatural situation with the witches. At that moment, we see her care towards Macbeth and her sensitivity towards this topic. For instance, she understands why Macbeth may not want to resolve to violence in order to get the crown. We know this because she says ” It is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way: thou wouldst be great, art not without ambition, but without the illness should attend it. What thou wouldst highly, That wouldst thou holily; wouldst not play false, And yet wouldst wrongly win. Thou’ld’st have, great Glamis, That which cries, “Thus thou must do,” if thou have it, And that which rather thou dost fear to do.” She seems to display a genuine worry for him (1.5.15). Not only this, but we see that she has always been very passionate about the matters of gaining royalty. From the start to Act 2, she has been very invested to commit this cream and fueled about it. We can see her manipulative techniques come through already when she says “hurry home so I can persuade you and talk you out of whatever’s keeping you from going after the crown.” There are many more examples of how manipulative Lady Macbeth is, as discussed in my previous post “Lady Macbeth’s Persuasion” which discusses whether she was the driving force behind the killing of King Duncan.

Act 2 is where the murder takes, and though Lady Macbeth does not necessarily become less manipulative, we don’t see many of her persuasion skills in action anymore as Mabeth has already been convinced to kill King Duncan. But when Macbeth refused to kill Duncan, she had to manipulate him to listen to her and what she wanted in Act 1. One of her manipulative techniques includes questioning his masculinity, his pride, and love for her too. However, when the deed has been done and Macbeth needs help getting over the guilt and remorse he feels, she simply dismisses him by either saying “A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight,” when he mentions that this is not what they should be doing and “Infirm of purpose! Give me the daggers,” for not wanting to complete the job by going back in the chamber and seeing the murder scene again (2.2.20 – 55). She simply becomes rude. She starts disgracing him again. It does not seem anymore that she is carefully crafting her words to make Macbeth sync to her tune as she does not really need him to do the deed anymore (she needs him to the deed as King Duncan sleeping looks like her father and she is not able to kill him, or else, she claims, she would have committed the murder). All in all, Lady Macbeth seemed sort of a family-oriented person (excluding the exception that she would have killed a baby), and now she acting the complete opposite towards her husband. Her husband whom she loves. This sort of shows that before, she wanted Macbeth to be King, but now more than ever in any scene, we wonder how much of this she wants for her personal gain.

Lastly, when Macbeth writes to his wife and calls her ” …my dearest partner of greatness,…” it shows that they love each other so much and have such a great relationship. It shows that the gender divide and roles that suggest that women are less than men in those times did not seem to matter to them and did not cause a hindrance in their relationship (1.5.?). In fact, we see that when we realize that Lady Macbeth had the upper hand in the planning of the killing. However, in Act 2 after the murder, though not mentioned anywhere explicitly, we see their relationship grow apart. We see the two become distant from each other when Lady Macbeth just wants to get over and finish off the deed for good and Macbeth… still is not able to get over what he has done as he is being haunted by his crime.

I wonder whether this would act in reverse soon. I wonder if Macbeth gets complacent when he becomes King and the guilt starts to seep into Lady Macbeth instead.

Lady Macbeth’s Persuasion…

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we question, was Lady Macbeth the driving force behind the killing of King Duncan of Scotland? We wonder how Lady Macbeth persuaded her husband, Macbeth, to commit this murder.

Lady Macbeth uses her manipulative techniques to convince Macbeth that to murder is his friend when it comes to stealing the Crown off of Duncan. She hits him right where it hurts the most. She says phrases such as “are you afraid to act the way you desire? Will you take the crown you want so badly, or will you live as a coward, always saying “I can’t” after you say “I want to”? You’re like the poor cat in the old story.” This is important to note as Macbeth is known to be a brave warrior respected by the whole public, however, when his wife who he loves and has a great relationship of equity with (“my dearest partner of greatness,” he had called her (1. 5. ?)) calls him out,  his love for his wife takes over, his eagerness and pride to prove to his wife that he is the man she thought of him to be… takes over, considering he has been reduced to nothing but a cat from a valiant warrior in his lover’s eyes. He wants to prove himself now. In the 11th Century (when the play is set), gender roles were important to consider. Macbeth’s masculinity was being tested here. Women were as considered below men. So when a woman was to test whether he made a proper, real man,  some part of him could not take it (1.7.40).

In addition, Lady Macbeth herself was rather manipulative and great at getting what she wanted from anyone, no matter what it took. And she took that to her advantage when it came to living a life of royalty. When she mentioned “thou wouldst be great, Art not without ambition, but without The illness should attend it,” we can tell that her ambition is more blind than Macbeth’s. She has goals, however, shes emotionally obsessed with them.  Her character is the type who is going to go after what she wants, not wait for things to happen unlike Macbeth, who contemplates the option to wait and let fate play its game. That if it is really meant to be, it will be, as seen in the first scene when Macbeth battles over the idea of killing Duncan or waiting and also during his first soliloquy in scene 7 (1.5.6).

However, what helps Macbeth’s wife to carry out the things she plans and sees for herself is the fact that she perhaps grows from the pain of child loss which helps her be cruel and follow through with tasks without feeling guilt or remorse. However, this fact can only be inferred as it is solely suggested by the text when she mentions “come to my woman’s breasts, And take my milk for gall…” (1.5.37 – 38).  Another way Lady Macbeth makes sure that she has the power to do anything that takes to achieve her goals is probably because she feels the need to prove herself in a society where women are not equal to men. This makes me wonder, Macbeth only wanted to be king after having a taste of power by being promoted to Thane of Cawdor, however, the way Lady Macbeth jumped on the opportunity to steal the throne, perhaps she has wanted a royal life for a long time.

To really push Macbeth over the ledge, his wife accuses Macbeth of not being a man of his words and also by questioning the love he has for her. She states “Were you drunk when you seemed so hopeful before? Have you gone to sleep and woken up green and pale in fear of this idea? From now on this is what I’ll think of your love. ” Her tactic here to instigate and emotionally blackmail Macbeth so that he does what she wants started to take a toll on him and actually work (1.7. 36).  This connects with what the Witches did to Macbeth.  They filled his head with ideas. The witches did not promise anything, they prophecized and showed Macbeth what he truly desired. Lady Macbeth did a similar thing.

Our fruits of future are borne by the seeds of today, so Macbeth’s fate was written the day he became compliant with his wife’s ill designs.  Lady Macbeth displays and proves that she truly had the upper hand in terms of power over Macbeth and when it came to decision making.

What Qualities Does Macbeth Possess?

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Macbeth himself is a very complex character. Starting from the very beginning of the play, he is introduced and we see him in different lights in terms of the qualities he holds all the time. Macbeth first comes up in the play in Act One, Scene Two. In this scene, a war is being displayed that is on the edge, Scotland or Ireland, either one can win. Macbeth’s valiant portion of the story starts here. The captain is describing the war to King Duncan of Scotland and mentions the bravery and courageousness of Macbeth. The captain explains “for brave Macbeth—well he deserves that name— disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel, which smoked with bloody execution, like valor’s minion carved out his passage till he faced the slave; which ne’er shook hands, nor bade farewell to him, till he unseamed him from the nave to th’ chops, and fixed his head upon our battlements” (1.2.16-23).  Not only does this show that Macbeth is a great warrior, but also that he is patriotic and loyal to his land. That he will do anything to protect it, as seen by his ruthless and “cruel” nature (since he has not killed Macdonald in great and just light). In addition, we also get an idea that Macbeth is someone who is the perfect and classic example of a nobleman who carries himself with self-pride. When questioned by the King further on the war that continued afterward with the Norwegian soldiers on whether the captains, Banquo and Macbeth were afraid, the captain simply replies “Yes, as sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion. If I say sooth, I must report they were as cannons overcharged with double cracks, so they doubly redoubled strokes upon the foe. Except they meant to bathe in reeking wounds, or memorize another Golgotha, I cannot tell— ” (1.2.35-41). This further reiterates the main characteristics of Macbeth, his bravery, and drive to do better each time, to beat himself again and again.  In fact, as we all may have heard, eventually, it is this same blind ambition that leads this man of glory to his fatal end.

As we read on to the next scenes, we soon come to the realization that there is much more in-depth to be discovered about Macbeth as his character and his emotions that urge him to make choices and act out actions are all very entangled.