What are my strenghts?

10 of my strengths

Below are my top 10 strengths:

  1. I am determined and have grits to work hard towards something with a determined state of mind.
  2. I am athletic and sporty, so I dedicate myself to sports and push myself where necessary as well as being confident and working hard. (Touch rugby, X Country, track & field)
  3. When I am around people I am good friends or comfortable with, I have great humour and make my friends happy and make them laugh.
  4. When I am working or studying in class or at home, I stay focused and on track whilst working in order to get everything done fast and efficiently.
  5. I am very organised- not only in my work and school but also with my other priorities. I make sure I make time for sports, service, other activities, friends and work.
  6. I have lived in multiple countries so I would consider it a strength bering multi cultural and having a general understanding of all the cultures and how people interact differently with each other.
  7. I am very honest with people I am close to. If something is wrong or I don’t have a good opinion or something, without hesitation I well tell them what is on my mind.

10 strengths of my best friend

My best friend moved away to Florida USA however I still consider her important and amazing no matter what. Below are her strengths:

  1. She is a really good football player and is super motivated to play at her very best, giving 100% effort.
  2. She is very comprehensive and understanding. Whenever somebody I feel sad or tired, she always finds a way to flip the situation positively and make me smile.
  3. She is super sociable, very easy going and easy to talk to. She will talk to anyone who comes by her way and is super friendly with everybody.
  4. She has a great sense of humour, she always has some funny stories to tell and does not fail to make anybody laugh.
  5. She is very helpful, not only in difficult situations but also mentally when I am struggling. When it comes to schoolwork if I don’t understand something she always lends a hand to help out.


10 strengths others may say I have


Goal for 2018

In the classroom – what would I like to work on?

In my subjects I would like to continue working hard and be determined as I always have. However something I encourage myself to work harder on is to challenge myself in areas I am comfortable and confident in. For example in Geography or Spanish- subjects I am both confident in- I would like to try and push my thinking by perhaps choosing challenging questions as well as asking more in depth questions in class.

My challenge: 

Something I have always found tricky to handle is managing my time with: academics, sports, service, revisions, free time & friends. In the past years I have not been too bad at this but this year with GCSE’s I cannot afford to make even the slightest mistake in my organisation. I will make sure I focus and stay on track with all my work to ensure I have time for other activities.

To be a better person:

To be a better person to others I will make sure I stay inclusive as I always have, and make sure to interact with different people- not the same. I will extend my friend group and talk to a variety of different people.

First drama lesson – Reflection

My take away from today:

My biggest takeaway from todays class would be that through HS drama, we will really be able to discover and learn more about ourselves through acting, performing and creating with others. Monologues will help us discover things about ourselves we may not necessarily know now. We will learn to bond well with each other and know how to collaborate well throughout this span of 2 years. In result of this we will be more motivated to learn and perform, and be much more comfortable and confident performing together.

One thing I learnt:

In this first lesson I learnt the importance of being yourself whilst acting. In the past, I was sometimes unsure of myself when acting but am now becoming much more confident in my overall movement & skills. Self awareness in the space and others around you, and maximum confidence are some things I will make sure to keep in mind whilst performing.

What I enjoyed the most:

I really enjoyed the activity when we walked, then formed ourselves into groups and created different scenes portraying the outcome of rejection. Although short and choppy, this was a great way to get creative and share ideas on the spot, to create a simple yet so meaningful scene. I liked how whenever we formed a new group, more ideas and creativity was brought in which made each scene more complex and deeper in meaning. This was also a great exercise to get to know and work with other people.

My goal / wish / focus for G9:

In grade 9 I want to focus on bringing more of a leadership role when working in groups. Whilst some people dominate, I would like to bring good ideas that are taken into consideration into groups, as well as letting everybody have a say and building on other’s ideas, and compromising when necessary.

How do I benefit from a difficult experience?

From the video I have watched, I learnt that despite how difficult or hard some challenges can be, you can always take away positive effect from it. For example, turning something bad into something good, or at least better. In this video it showed how a man and woman were frowning, with a stern look on their face. However we saw that afterwards with a simple turn, the man and woman face instantly changed to a happier, grinning face. Although you may encounter tricky challenges it is always possible to learn or take away something positive from it. If you have difficulty learning a new skill in a sport, you will notice how although it is hard to get the grasp of it, you can always learn and take out better outcome throughout experiencing those challenges, even if that means you don’t master the skill straight away. Through difficult challenges you can also take away questions, in the video as mentioned “what matters in life?” or discovering your inner strength. You can learn more about yourself than what you expect, simply through enduring or trying out new, more trickier challenges on a higher scale of difficulty. You can also see challenges as great opportunities to improve in areas in which you aren’t strong as, in which straight away brings good effect. Something this video suggests is for when every time you are stuck or in a difficult challenge, you should always ask yourself “what have I taken from this experience, and how will it benefit me” through this question you not only reflect on how you took this challenge but also helps you answer where your strengths are and how you could improve in some areas.