English – My Language World Map

Below is my language world map that I have crafted. The most important features I chose to include were : Nationality, Where I grew up, my Language influences, the connection between culture, identity and language, how is speak with friends and family vs strangers, stereotypes, types of english, who owns english.

I chose these features because they are the ones that stood out the most to me, and that I can relate the most to. I found it necessary to include things that didn’t have much significance to me, or didn’t impact or effect me in any way. I wrote about these features in a way that made sense to me, and that I understood. So that when I read over my map again, I knew what I was saying, and what I was reading, because I had written it- it was my words, and my understanding displayed. Out of everything I included, I would say what matters the most to me would be my nationality, and the language stereotypes. Firstly I thought it was good because whilst crafting this map I realised that I learnt a lot about myself. Reflecting over where I have lived and where I cam from, really made me think about myself and my relationship with language. I was happy to have discovered more about myself. Secondly, although I have not personally experienced language stereotypes I find that it is something complex and hard for everybody to understand and accept. Throughout this unit I managed to explore about the types of stereotypes, and why people make them. I am happy I learnt about it because it was something I never had much knowledge about. Although these two factors stood out for me, I find that I had a general understanding of everything I covered, and could make general connections to each topic.

Why did I chose to design my mind map like this?

It took me a long time to think of something creative to do for my mind map. I had initially planned to do it online, though after some time I couldn’t think of anything creative, to really show and represent myself and my thinking. It is when I changed to handwritten mind map that I instantly thought about this design. I wanted it to be unique and something that had meaning to me. I really like how I thought about the lips in the centre. To me it shows MY mouth, with my freedom of speech. The speech bubbles outside are displaying my thoughts and what I think. This choice was purely based about myself, and how I would want people to read it. I didn’t want to make it simple with rectangles and circles, as to me it doesn’t represent YOUR thinking and your speech. Throughout this design I think I did well in representing that this is me speaking and my thoughts on Language.


Here are some things I am planning to try in my approach to learning:

This year in my subjects and IGCSE courses, I will focus on the following regarding my approach & attitude

– Despite the challenges, I will keep on trying hard in each subject despite the level of difficulty, and keep asking questions.

– Whilst having fun with my friends and enjoying each subject, I will make sure to stay focused and on track with my work. This means limiting distractions to the least and listening carefully to the instructions, as well as completing my homework with complete focus.

– I will make sure to keep a good balance of time & management between my academics, service, friends, and sports so that I have an equal & healthy balance and be able to manage responsibly.

– Even if I do not enjoy and dislike what I am learning about, I will make sure to have a positive approach and stay engaged and hard working in the topic we are learning about.

– Although I already do this well, I will continue to be organised with my work. This means not keeping all the home work till the night before, but making sure I do it in advance or manage my time well so that I can make priorities and stay on track.

– Lastly, I will make sure to challenge myself to good extent so that I can learn and improve in areas, despite the mistakes I make.

All these points will hopefully contribute well to develop and improve my approach and attitude to learning, and will make sure to apply them to my subjects and areas of learning. This will also be very helpful for subjects in which I dislike, such as math, and subjects in which I have some difficulty in.