Watching G10 Drama Performances

I think that watching the Grade 10 ‘s perform was a really good experience to be able to learn and discover what a scripted performance felt like, and also looked like, from an audience point of view. I noticed how they used  numerous skills and a range of theatrical devices and elements in order to make the performance engaging and interesting at all times. Some of the key elements in which I picked up on are as follow:

– The lighting and music was a complementary addition that helped embrace the setting and set a mood and ongoing or changing theme.

– The use of props brought a dignified and distinct role and effect to the performance. Each prop carried a special message or meaning, in which the actors incorporated well with their roles.

– Maturity and self awareness was present in all actors at all times. Whilst playing their roles to their specified character, they managed to either stay in character, or transition smoothly into a different one.

– An authentic narrative tone was used throughout each performance, in which was both engaging and mysterious at once. At times this created an atmosphere full of suspense, or other distinct emotions or moods.

– A range of theatrical devices were used in which proved that all performers showed good understanding of their past learning, and showed the ability to include and put together vastly contrasting techniques, in order to make a more compelling and unique piece.

Overall I would say that watching these performances was great, giving a short insight to what we are expected to produce in a years time, so that we have something to be looking forward to be working on. Each performance had its distinct features and special elements in which were thoroughly picked up on, and I hope to incorporate all these skills & elements in future performances.

Peter and the Starcatcher- Reflection

What were the main themes/ideas/messages of the piece of theatre?

Throughout the performance, I feel like the theme of determination and adaptation was brought throughout. I think this because Peter and Molly portrayed a strong, positive mindset whenever they were performing. I feel as if despite the challenges they came across, such as the tribe, they manages to take the positive from it, and turn each event into something good, the same for when they were on the ship.

Who did you think were the most interesting and most effective performers? Why?

I personally think that the actor of Molly was the most interesting. There was always something going on in her head, and she was showing it through a curious, and adventurous profile. The way she spoke also really engaged the audience, displaying her jolly personality and mindset, and making that clear to the audience. Giving that she was also the only female child in the piece, I feel like it gave her more authentic and made her distinctively different to tall the other characters, making her so special.

Describe the space and any set used. What do you think was the designer’s intention?

I noticed that in the first half of the play, the setting was in a ship. In the 2nd it was in the jungle. The change in set indicated that the storyline was moving away from the ship, and the journey was continuing through the forest. This made it clear to the audience, and I think it was a nice change to transition into a completely different atmosphere. When they were on the ship I noticed how the actors were crammed together, most of the time. This is because a ship usually isn’t spacious, and the actors ensured they were not using more space than needed. However in the jungle, I noticed they used the space more widely, showing the diversity, and bigger surface area of the jungle. Whether they were exploring individually, or talking to the members of the tribe, they had a constant spacial awareness and used the space very well.

What lighting/sound effects were used? How effective were they?

The lighting changed throughout the performance. In the ship it was of a light orange colour, to indicate the sun and horizon reflecting off the ship into our eyes. The lighting turned blue at scenes which were under water. This was good as it made it clear to the audience of times where the scene was in the ocean. Spotlights were also used on a specific character, in important scenes. This was effective as it showed that the scene was mainly based on the character in which the spotlight was focused on.

What was the impact of the piece of theatre on the audience? How was this achieved?

At times, the impact of the piece on the audience was quite humorous. Some of the phrases said were funny, making the audience laugh yet at the same time were connected to the performance. However I felt the audience HAD to stay engaged, otherwise it was hard to keep track of the storyline, and what was happening. This was achieved because there was constantly a buzz occurring somewhere on the stage, and was important to listen out on what was being said. The impact of this piece was also quite deep and meaningful, and was obvious that a message was being conveyed. Many people could interpret this story on a different perspective, and I think that is what is part of drama, that you can convey one message through performing, and people will have many different views & interpretations on it.