One Learning in HS Term 1

So far in term 1, one of my new learnings has been to be acknowledge the importance of taking a break from work, and keeping a balance between my workload, free time, and sports. I have especially learnt this in HS, because being on a completely different level of work and standards, has come more stress and a bigger burden of work, in which I must accept fully and willingly manage. I have organised my weekends and spare time so that I can make personal time for myself, for seeing and spending time with my friends, as well as for playing sports, as that is a very important factor in my life. Most obviously, I have also saved time for work such as a few hours every day in which I can concentrate at my maximum capacity and produce as much as I can. I think having transferred into HS has definitely enforced my self care and management skills, although I was always organised. I have always valued the importance of work and learning, and I think that giving we are near to IB, I have valued this even more.

One thing I still wish to improve is to not stress and spend too much time on one task. I find that if there is an important assignment coming up, I will tend to stress about it a lot, and feel the need to spend hours on it. I think that one thing I should work on is trying to produce as much as of my ability in a given time, instead of stressing and overworking over it. In result, I will then feel more confident and less anxious about any important assignment or task that will be coming up.