Grade 10 Technology – Reflection

Having watched 4 distinct performances today, I learnt and took away a lot from these performances, and observed many techniques, skills and qualities in each performance which made them so unique and special.

Some of the things I took away:

– Lighting choice. The lighting varied throughout all the scenes and had a specific purpose, creating a distinct atmosphere to give insight of the mood. For example in the gaming performance, spotlights were used when the parents showed their concern, and a yellow/neon light when in the gaming phase, to

– Used and manipulation of the stools, for example the first group, the stools where

– Characterisation & personalisation of each role

– The plot & rising climax

– Contrast in speech and dialogue

– Physicality

Boomerang Bags Reflection

The three most important questions I answered today:

Where, and amongst who is Boomerang Bags located?

There are 860 Boomerang Bags communities that are spread across the globe internationally. However, this idea initially started in the communities of Sydney, spreading worldwide.

Why is Boomerang Bags here today?

Boomerang Bags is striving to reduce overall plastic consumptions, and come up with great alternatives. This community empowers the act of sustainability towards all communities and promotes the use of objects and materials that are better for the environment, helping reduce our plastic consumption. They are also aiming to build awareness and spread the message of this issue.

How is Boomerang Bags functioning?

Boomerang Bags have already made significant impact, having and still striving to reduce plastic consumption. They have already used 60+ tons of material, derived from landfills, to use for production of material bags.


My experience with ‘teamwork’ and ‘collaboration’ has prepared me for this group. This is because:

Throughout this service, we will be encouraged to work amongst ourselves, as we will most commonly be seeking support and advice from our peers. Having good collaboration skills will ensure that we can produce these bags efficiently whilst also enjoying the process, making the production process minimal in mistakes.


When assigning roles, it might be useful for the chairs to know that:

Whilst I do enjoy working collaboratively, I also like to take on an independent role whilst working. This is because I like to do tasks by myself as I find I can be self sufficient and rely entirely on how I want to work. Another thing is that I enjoy leadership roles- especially in scenarios I like. Giving that I am very passionate of the environment and promoting such use of reusable bags, I would happily take on any form of leadership throughout, whether I must make an external speech, or any type of communications,I would be willing to do so.