The complexities of Lady Macbeth

“Lady Macbeth’s criminal mind and desire for ruthlessness have led many a critic to define her as evil. Closer examination, however, reveals that she is a multifaceted character.” 

I would agree with this statement. Throughout the early scenes of the play, Shakespeare immediately defines Lady Macbeth as a possessive, dominant character in which took control of and manipulated Macbeth’s actions. To further emphasise this, a comparison can be made to the stereotypical women of Elizabethan England. Whilst these women would often be portrayed as innocent, fragile, and vulnerable, Lady Macbeth’s personality is displayed as quite the contrary. She takes on a very present role throughout the events of Macbeth’s life, and her way of expression of words reveals her stern, cold blooded and ambitious side. For example, in Act 1 scene 5 when Macbeth writes to Lady Macbeth about the witches prophecies, she is immediately eager, and planning on how to kill the king. In line 1:5:1, “They met me in the day of success”, these lines already reveal Lady Macbeth’s ambitious plans, and how she strives to ‘achieve’ the prophecy immediately. Such behaviour would be commonly expected from a man, giving his inceptive to fight and protect, however Shakespeare has chosen to inverse gender roles, which is what further defines Lady Macbeth’s distinct, evil, criminal mind. Furthermore, in line 1:5:31, when she says, “Unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty. Make thick my blood”, the masculine aspect of lady Macbeth is further revealed. It shows how she is willing for all her feminine traits to be taken away, and her desire to be of superiority. It reveals her dark spirits within her, further embodying her aggression and will to fulfil the witches’ prophecy.

Upon closer examination as we progress throughout the play, an element of character development is seen with Lady Macbeth. After Macbeth has committed the murder to Banquo, Lady Macbeth starts to be sidelined. This could possibly reveal how after having done one deed, Macbeth felt more of a powerful individual, who no longer needed his wife’s assistance or control over him. She is revealed as weak in Act 5 scene 1, when she starts to sleepwalk,  and claims that nothing can wash blood off her hands from the bloody dagger. This reenforces the multi-faced aspect of her. It implies that deep inside her there is still an element of pure evilness, however she is starting to resent guilt regarding what she has done. Rubbing her hands is seen as an action of regret in which she remorsefully tries to reverse her actions, but only to reveal how she is simply thinking in a more uncontrolled, chaotic manner.

Furthermore, she commits suicide which leads us to conclude that if she had sustained her initial personality of ambition and evilness, she would have not chosen to end her life. It shows to prove how Lady Macbeth’s personality varies greatly throughout the play, in consequence to her and her husband’s actions.


Personal Statement

Throughout my years attending UWCSEA since 2014, I would say that during my time here, I have experienced some vast growth and changes within my personality and approach to learning.


Having lived in the UK for 5 years attending a private girls school, as well as previously in the US in a mixed primary school followed by UWCSEA, I have been exposed to many cultures, people, academic style of learning, and other important factors, which have helped shape the person I am today. However despite such change, I would say that I have developed an important cultural awareness that I had not obtained before, especially having come here to UWCSEA in which would by far be the most culturally diverse and accepting school I have attended.


Whilst these past factors have ultimately helped shape and strengthen both my social and learner profile, till this very day I still find myself changing and developing. Here at UWCSEA I have become very passionate about sports and service. These two factors have ultimately brought me many skills and have motivated me in various ways. The competitive aspect of sports drives me to perform at 100%, the teams here offering plenty of opportunities to learn and play in competitive surroundings. Individual sport such as running and track also helps me focus individually, and set myself realistic goals, in which I take pleasure in pursuing once I reach achievements. Unlike my previous schools, never have I been so involved in team sports, such as touch rugby. It oxygenates my brain, helping me think of other things than work.


Secondly, another factor that has greatly influenced my learner profile is service. At UWCSEA it is taken into much bigger account than in the previous schools I had attended. It is here that I learnt the value and great importance of helping others in need. Having been on the Epic Arts and Moving Mountains trip, these trips have most definitely been emotional and unforgettable. Working with children of different abilities, or those in great poverty with less advantages, I have developed an awareness and sense of gratefulness for what I have. Being so privileged here in Singapore, it has given me the incentive to make changes elsewhere and help those in need. I am sure that, for the rest of my time here at UWCSEA, service will continue to undoubtedly play a big part as my extracurricular activities here and will continue to drive and passion me to make changes for the better across the world.


Regarding academics, I have set myself high standards and expectations, as naturally I find myself very keen and striving to do well in all my subjects. Across the year, I have set goals to sustain my hard work and efforts in all subjects. Some of the most significant changes I have seen are through math and science. I never took great interest in maths and found it quite difficult- therefore, this did not strongly motivate me to try or to enjoy the subject. However, as I started to gain confidence in the smaller extended class, and started practicing regularly, I started to notice changes in my work and understanding. This appeared surprising as I had never found that I properly understood maths, but until this point, I felt confident enough to do tests or exams with minimal stress of worry of misunderstanding something.


Secondly, I feel I have seen vast improvements in science. I would not say that I have struggled in this subject, however my interest in it has strongly grew and hence I feel this has driven me to work harder. Throughout the most part of the year, I have maintained consistency throughout my grades, whilst knowing a “number” should not hold such significance, and also have understood the key concepts learnt, clarifying for doubts when needed. I am happy to see my improvements in science, as comparing to the previous years, I had never been so intrigued or interested into the subject. I am satisfied with the progress I have made in this subject, and look forward to learning more about it.


To conclude, I would say that overall this year has gone very well, despite the moments of high intensity and stress I have experienced upon work, tests or assignments, as well as sports competitions I am proud to have endured through it, sustaining a focused and positive mindset. Regarding my future plans, I do not plan on anything majoritative, however I hope to pursue my passions and interests, especially in IB where I look forward to take more advancement and further interest into some of my favourite subjects such as geography or, environmental sciences. Regarding grade 10, I hope I will continue to sustain a positive state of mind and continue to work hard and efficiently, in hope of getting good outcomes.

“Never fail, just learn!” – Science Reflection

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2 Questions I got wrong / Corrections :

Correct answer: B

Explanation: Because it is focusing on what factors will lead to to plants transpiring too much, not about what would cause them to transpire less.

Correct answer: B

Explanation: Because the liquid has already melted! It is now in a stage of evaporation or boiling into the state of the gas, as it has already changed state by melting from solid to liquid.

Conclusion : 

Today was useful, because I managed to clarify any mistakes made or concepts which I had slightly less understood. Now I now which areas to be more careful on.