First week of G10- Reflection

  1. Things that were significant to you this week- why?

This week I already started playing touch rugby again. This was a very significant part, as I love being outdoors and playing sports. Especially after having played in a Euro Competition right before, when I came back to training, I was already straight back into it! After a day of sitting down I really needed to get back on my feet and move. I was also really happy to find all my team mates again.

2. This year- what are some potential highlights and obstacles, and why? 

I think that one highlight will most definitely be my participation in numerous activities and sports. I have plenty of opportunities sports wise, however, also culturally. I would really like to take part in Culturama this year as it seems like an unforgettable experience where you meet many new people, whilst also learning to dance and discovering a completely different culture. I really look forward to these extra curricular activities. They will help take a break from academic work which is still an utmost priority. Hence, I feel as if a potential obstacle will be juggling my school work with my sports. I often feel stressed and overwhelmed due to the substancial amount of school work I have. Sometimes I may over work meaning I spend excessive time, or others I have too many things scheduled for sports. This is hard as managing stress is often difficult for me, especially with exam pressure.


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