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Context: The Handmaids tale

When looking into the context of Margaret Atwood’s the HanfMaids tale, it is important to understand the ways in which both past, present, and future ideas and aspects are intervened with each other. Massalit Lecture. Notes from Dr Madeline Davies… Continue Reading →

Glopo Engagement: Dr.Naree Phinyawatana

On Tuesday the 4th of August I had an interview with Dr.Naree Phinyawatana. During the hour long conversation, Dr.Naree provided expertises on questions about general sustainability, and how she has seen the eco tourism industry develop throughout her career. Naree… Continue Reading →

Glopo Engagement: It Takes An Island Seminar

On Thursday the 9th of July at 4:00 PM I attended the virtual seminar IT TAKES AN ISLAND: Sustainability and the New Traveler. The Seminar lasted 2 hours and was compiled of multiple presentations by large actors in the Sustainable… Continue Reading →

Glopo EA Engagement: James McBride Interview

An interview with James McBride, a renowned Hotelier famous for his focus on philanthropy. The questions I asked centered mainly on his hotel Nihi, in Sumba Indonesia as this is what is most relevant to my investigation. This engagement was… Continue Reading →

Glopo Engagement: Christie Carter Interview

25th June 2020 I held a 30minute interview with Christie Carter via Whatsapp.This engagement was important for me as it gave me the chance to talk personally with a stake holder in the tourism industry of Indonesia. Christie Carter, is the… Continue Reading →

Bill Bensley Seminar Engagement Reflection

The virtual seminar was recorded and the link to that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6CY12SqP_4 On Tuesday the 26th of May, I attended a live virtual seminar held by Bill Bensley as he spoke through his most recent hotel project… Continue Reading →

Saint Hoax Consolidation

Here is my Saint Hoax consolidation video. It is a bit of a word vomit as I was trying to naturally explore the different ideas I have of Saint hoax body of work as a whole. When I refer to… Continue Reading →

Touch Rugby Season 2 U19 Final Reflection

Here is my reflection after the u19A Season 2 Touch Rugby season finished. In this reflection, I focus on learning objectives 1, and 7. Below are some of my favourite moment of this season. 🙂  

Guerilla Girls Reflection

Here is my Guerilla girls Consolidation Reflection.

IO Outline Reflective Post

After receiving feedback on my initial IO outline, I have been able to better understand my strengths and areas of improvement in terms of preparing for the oral. I am quite happy with the choices I made in terms of… Continue Reading →

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