Fahrenheit 451

Now that I have finished reading the book, I have a confession to make, the only reason I picked that book was that it was the shortest one in the library. I thought that it would make the whole video easier but man was I wrong! Although it was just 160 pages it had so many key moments, motifs, and symbols that we could associate with, even now!


Initially, I thought it would be an action-packed, adventure-filled dystopian novel, but NOOOOOO! After the first 75 or so pages I was extremely bored, I felt that it was just too descriptive and a lot of the moments were dragged on for far too long. But as the story progressed there were fewer 10-page descriptions of a mechanical dog and more ACTION. I DO see how this book talks about issues such as censorship which will be relevant to people for as long as a government exists and I see why this is regarded as a classic (see video response below). I also did realise the importance of the long description and how they build up tension and suspense.

However, I don’t think I would read anything of his anytime soon, but I’m not blacklisting it forever, I might give him another shot.

After the break, I would like to read Frankenstein, after listing to my peers’ opinion on the book I’m really excited to give it a read.

Here is the link to my video response, skip the first couple of minutes ( I couldn’t edit it because it was way too long)


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