“How could I be wrong” and other musings from a G10 student

Oops. Not the best English exam right…

Question 1 was alright though, I felt in my comfort zone and it seemed quite straightforward. But boy was I wrong. The thing that really made me lose a few marks was because I misinterpreted the question. It read “Journal intended to be read by your family”. That is what threw me off. I ended the essay with “I can’t wait until I come back to you my family” and that lost me a mark for language. I got 12/15 for content and 3/15 for language, a total of 15/20 not satisfactory but I’ll take it.

My second go afterwards yielded a better result of 13/15 for content. Looking at the mark scheme gave me a better insight into the things I needed to include into the piece for a better result. I am also very sure that I scored better on language since I omitted the family part. I have learned to pay closer attention to the command verb as well.


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