Culturama Reflection 1

This year I will be taking part in Culturama, our school’s annual dance showcase whose dances represent a few of the various cultures that are prevalent in UWC society. Dance is something I have never done before, partially because I have a bit of stage fright and partially because I’ve not been interested in dance. However this year, fuelled by the fact that many of my friends are doing culturama, I decided to take that step into the unknown and conquer my fears. My goal over the next 2 months of culturama is to learn and develop new skills, get rid of my preconceived notions on dance and overcome my inhibitions regarding public performances. Another aim that I want to achieve is to help everyone around me in the culturama community in order to put up a good show.

LO1: As someone who is new to dance, it has been incredibly important for me to recognize the potential areas of improvement in the way I dance. This has allowed me to guide my growth to benefit the entire dance and show.

LO2: Seeing that I haven’t partaken in a show like this, the notion of being on a stage frightens me. However, I hope that going through this process will allow me to develop the skill of being able perform in public.

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