Culturama Reflection 3

Culturama is now done. Yesterday was our final show and I think that it is safe to say that I have overcome my stage fright, but it didn’t happen during the first show. Before the 4 shows, we had a full cast rehearsal during which I sweating and my heart was pounding, I was definitely scared of performing in front of a hundred people (which, looking back, is minuscule compared to the number of people that came to the show). My dance leaders told me that I was noticeably stiff and nervous, which they could tell due to my lack of eye contact with the audience and expression of emotions. However after the full cast rehearsals and the dress rehearsal, I believe that I had become normalised to the crowd, I lost this feeling of impending doom that would overcome me whenever I danced on stage. Most of my interactions, again, were with the crew of my dance and my dance leaders, however, this time, I had many interactions with bigger Culturama community, with people from other dances and the Culturama co-ordinators. Overall, I believe that I have successfully achieved all of my goals and the end outcome for the whole Culturama community was the best dance showcase we could hope for.

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