Computer Skills with Hougang Care Center – Reflection 1

This year I will be doing a local service called computer skills with Hougang care centre where the long-term goal for our service is to teach our clients, who have mild mental disabilities, basic computer skills so that they can get low skill jobs such as data entry. I have been doing local service for many years now and I am very experienced when it comes to working with clients who have mental disabilities, however, I am not experienced in teaching them how to use technology. That being said, I have taught many young students how to use and care for their technology through my old college service Techxperts. This year I need to learn how to combine these 2 skills so that I can successfully work towards the main aim of the service. After meeting the rest of the group of students that are taking part in this service, I have learned that they are relatively inexperienced with this form of service. For this reason, another one of my goals for the duration of this service is to try and take up a leadership role and teach them necessary skills I have learned throughout my time taking part in service. At this point, we have only had 2 sessions and we have not yet had any interactions with the clients, all of my interactions have been with people within the service and we have done a lot of planning for each of the sessions. Next week, we plan on visiting the care centre so that we can resolve some of our questions regarding how we can/should carry out the sessions.


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