Extended Essay R1

I’ve always been engrossed by maps. When I looked at airplane flight paths (as one does), I was questioned why the paths were curved and not straight lines. A little later on I started researching the cause of this distortion and learned that it was due to Gauss’ Theorema Egregium. Due to this, I was curious to find the most mathematically accurate representation of a sphere on a 2D plane. It is this topic that I am interested in pursuing for my EE. In my first meeting with my supervisor, I was told to create a structure for my essay which was as follows: an introduction, an explanation on Theorema Egregium, analysis of 2 popular map projections regarding distortion and a derivation of the Euler Spiral followed by a conclusion. Throughout the essay, I will explain the prerequisite information. I have used a document to keep track of all the websites I have used to avoid any involuntary academic malpractice.

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