Basketball: Reflection 2 (In Season)

Now that the basketball season is over I can reflect on my performance as a CAS student. This year, I was the Captain of the u19C team. Our team’s performance was subpar with just a single win the whole season. However, I do believe we worked hard throughout the season and gave it our best effort.

I believe that the most pertinent learning outcomes are 3 and 5.

LO3: As the Captain, it was my duty to plan the practice sessions with the coach. It was extremely important for me to reflect on our performance in the previous game and devise strategies that we could practice in the following session. Some of the things I suggested we try are the full-court press, inbound play (both baseline and sideline), press break, and zone defense. To plan these sessions I met with our coach and collaboratively arrived at optimum game plans. Overall, I believe that this planning was extremely helpful as it allowed us to improve on mistakes we made in the past; our zone defense was particularly effective.

LO5: In sports, it is obviously extremely important to work collaboratively, and I believe our team did that very effectively. We frequently bounced ideas off of each other to improve our performance in games and also, in collaboration, organized sessions to scrimmage out of practice hours.

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