Classical Guitar Reflection 2

My examination scheduled for December was a couple of months ago. Leading up to the exam, I worked with my teacher to perfect all my pieces and learn all the technical requirements. I ended up passing the exam with distinction (the highest level of achievement in the examination). Now my main goal is to work towards my next examination, and whether or not I will do grade 5, or skip it and do grade 6 instead.

LO1: Throughout my practice and class time I work towards identifying specific weaknesses in my pieces and spending focused time working on these parts

LO2: I have, through this period, learn new guitar techniques such as rasgueado and artificial harmonics which have been particularly challenging

LO4: Although the previously mentioned frustration sets in when I am not able to fluently play passages, it is important that I push through that feeling and continue to practice in a, again, focused manner.

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